Pretty Beautiful Light of Christmas | Christmas Castle + Shattered Ornaments

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Hello there loves! How are you? Hope you are having a nice weekend. Hopefully its relaxing. :) If its not then I hope this little post can help give you a bit of an escape. I personally love getting to go read blog posts anytime, plus like I said a great little escape. :)

First up today I am sharing Christmas Castle which is a deep dark purple filled with holo and glitters. Its gorgeous and I mean words can't really explain. :) It has such a great depth.

The formula was great as well. Only 2 coats needed and it went on really nicely. I am thinking its going to be great all year long. I really couldn't see ever putting art on a polish like this. I mean with something on top you would just distract am I right?

This polish really is beautiful! Its one that I really wanted to just wear ya know for a few days but ya know my polishing habits! Hehe!!! 

Next up we have Shattered Ornaments which is a topper. Its full of glitters and flakies. Its name is perfect for it. So the below swatch photo is actually 4-5 coats of it built up. I just wanted to see how it did build and well umm it takes a lot of time so ya know you may just want to use it as a topper as it was mean't for. :)

Above is the 4-5 coats. I kinda lost track of how many it was exactly after I did more than 3. Ekkk....

Now here it is as just one coat on top of a black. So much more neat looking than built up. What a fun topper right?! I mean the cool thing is that you can use it on any color so it has the power to make any color different which is pretty neat.

Just look at how many colors it picks up. SO SO many! Ah so fun! :)

For all things Pretty Beautiful check out all of the links below! These release on November 12th  at 11am CT. :) Ya'll won't want to miss this. 


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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