Pretty Beautiful Light of Christmas Collection | Evergreen Dreams, Frostbite

Press Sample

Hello there! So today I have two more to share with you, and then all that is left is another two so get ready guys! Remember these are releasing on SATURDAY!! Wooohooo!

Ah first up Evergreen Dreams its lovely!!! I mean look at this green. First off I like green but don't have anything like this! Secondly, its so festive, and perfect for Christmas! :) I love it! 

The glitters in it are fun and spread out nicely when applicating which is always a good thing. :) It was full opacity in 2 coats and dried quickly!

Ahh, plus this color is perfect holiday art! Hint Hint... ;) Just keep reading, just keep reading! (Said in Dory's Just Keep Swiming voice.) ;)

Ahhh, Frostbite... Need I say more! This color is like the ultimate wintery blue! So so SOO gorgeous! I don't know why it is exactly but I have a tendency to really like and lean towards to blues. I don't even wear much blue really clothing wise so its kind funny!

The formula of this one is a bit jelly like. Covered completely in just 2 easy coats and its gorgeous. Umm, sorry for my repeatativeness! Hehe, its just that ya know! ;) Ha!

I like how there is a variety of shapes in this polish. Adds a little something something ya know. :)

Ta-dahhhh!!! Art that I'm sure you were expecting, but its super fun! :) All of the art was done with acrylic paint and my berry wine brushes from Winstonia. :)

Well thats it loves! Hope you have liked todays post, swatches, art and all. I think my favorite part was the macros! Hehe!!! ;) Whats yours? Well I still have 2 more polishes to share with ya, so stay tuned!!

For all things Pretty Beautiful check out all of the links below! These release on November 12th  at 11am CT. :) Ya'll won't want to miss this. 


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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