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Surprise!!! So I decided to go ahead and post the last two polishes today as well. Mainly due to some conflict in some other plans so I just thought why not, they are done and ready to go SOO. :) Also just so you know, some of these will all be recapped on Saturday morning for you so ya'll can refresh before these beauties go on sale. :) Anywhoooo, lets check out the last two colors!

This is Holiday Cookies and its a topper! Ahhh I am loving it! I mean its basically the definition of holiday sprinkles am I right? :) I am already obsessed and thinking I will be wearing this a lot. :)

It is a topper and I chose red as my base color and I love the combo. The holo and that variety of glitters pop on it! AHHH I love it. Ekk I just said that didn't I? Ekk. I did two coats here because I wanted it just like super duper glitter but just one coat looks really nice too. Just depends on how much glitt-ah you want. :)

This is going to be such a great accent nail for Christmas manis!!

Lastly we have Home for the holodays ummm I mean Home for the Holidays! LOL Oh my that actually was a typo!! I just left it because those of you reading this are basically the only ones I could say that too and actually get the refrence. Hehe! Anyway this red it super pretty! Its got holo, and flakies and some random glitters that make it super fun.

The holo didn't photo that well but its there I promise! :) It was 1-2 coats. I bacially got it in one but I wanted to like add a second to see what it would do and so I did. There really wasn't a difference but really its all in how thick or thin you do your coats.

Yep its a gorgeous red! :) Perfect for all year actually, I'm thinking it would be good in July. What do you think?

Added a cute little tree out of the fun glitters Virginia sent with the polishes! More will be in upcoming manis. :) Also as I mentioned earlier I will be sharing a wrap up post for this full collection on Saturday to get ya'll ready for the release Saturday. :) If you have any questions let me know in the comments and I will get back to ya asap.

For all things Pretty Beautiful check out all of the links below! These release on November 12th  at 11am CT. :) Ya'll won't want to miss this. 


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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