Serendipity VIP RSVP for NYE Collection

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Hello, and good morning! So today I have decided to put all you see to know about the new Serendipity collection! All of the new ones are in the post above and below are the links to find each one! :)

For some art I decided to use the one coaters from the line and do a fishtail mani. :) I don't do them often, ok really ever... ;) They take alot of thinking and ya know its kinda time consuming since each coat has to dry before you can take th next swipe. However it does feel look pretty nice!

Well thats it for today. All of these polishes are out now and I am loving them! :)

To shop these polishes check out the Shop Now link below! If you have never used Serendipity before they have their full story on their site. I have all of their polishes and I truly love them all. All are in stock now and there are some that have just become must haves for me. I love the fact they are 7-Free and the fact they all have fabulous formulas. Plus they are all priced really reasonable. They all range from $6 - $8! This line they are each $6, and if you want them all you can buy the full collection for $25 which is a GREAT deal. :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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