Serendipity VIP RSVP For NYE | Midnight Kiss, Sequins & Bowties, Glitzy Gold Champagne

Press Sample

Hello and happy Friday! :) So today I have the last so many swatches of the new Serendipity line so lets check it out! :)

First up Glitzy Gold Champagne! This is a fun gold, kind of a metallic with gold sparkles in in. Its different compared to the next two ya'll are going to see. :) Its fun, and I am already dreaming up some NYE manis with this one!

The formula was nice and easy to work with. It took about 2 coats and you do have to watch for brush strokes but its not as bad as some! :) Plus they kinda flow together after drying.

Okay, I think that is the first time I have ever used "flow" in describing a polish use. Hehe!! Humm, it may have to do with the fact Charlie Puth randomly released a few new songs last night and I have them on repeat as I write this hehe!! I am really liking River. :) <3 He's kinda like my closer to my age John Mayer. LOL, thats confusing. Basically that just means I could/can listen to him and John Mayer at anytime and just relax. Its a great feeling!

Here we have Midnight Kiss. <3 I love this silver so so much! From the formula, to the glitteryness its just great. Seriously gorgeous and I really am at a loss of words.

ONE COAT! Which amazed me. Seriously this polish is perfect.

I did do some art with it that ya'll will be seeing in about a week and I am really happy with this as an art base. It made a special mani really special.

Lastly is Sequins & Bowties and oh my! This blue is another perfect polish. The glitteryness, the formula. All FABULOUS!

Just one coat needed and thats it. Also removal of all of these colors is really nice. I am really just loving this collection!

Well thats it for today! Sunday morning I will have a wrap up post for this full collection, and some art using multiple of them.

To shop these polishes check out the Shop Now link below! If you have never used Serendipity before they have their full story on their site. I have all of their polishes and I truly love them all. All are in stock now and there are some that have just become must haves for me. I love the fact they are 7-Free and the fact they all have fabulous formulas. Plus they are all priced really reasonable. They all range from $6 - $8! This line they are each $6, and if you want them all you can buy the full collection for $25 which is a GREAT deal. :)

Well hope you all have a lovely rest of your day! Talk to ya soon. :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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