Serendipity VIP RSVP For NYE | Dazzling Sparklers, Party Crown

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Hello! How are you guys?! I feel like this week has been crazy, and kind of on fast forward yet slow at the same time! Ekk, is that even possible! Haha! Well today is a good day because well Serendipity Nail Polish has released brand new polishes! Like they are available now! :) Also today is the day the Red Cups come out and there is a holiday drink bogo at a certain time so woo hoo!!! I think we all deserve a polish and coffee treat today! What do you think?

First up is Dazzling Sparklers! This is like the perfect copper polish. I wasn't sure I would like copper nails, but the more I am wearing it the more I am liking it! Plus ya know with it being a Serendipity and all the quality is great!

The formula was a bit thin compare to most Serendipity polishes but 2 coats that leveled really nicely. :) You do have to be a bit careful on your last coat with brush strokes. Its not too bad but you can see it a bit!

The name is fun! Funny story tho, I was pulling it out of the package and was like OOOooo, copper and then the first thought that came to mind was Copper Boom. ;) Hehe, guess I'm like kinda excited for Gilmore Girls to come back! Who else? Also if you aren't familiar with they term its a saying from Gilmore Girls. :)  According to the Urban Dictionary it means.... quickening your pace or getting down to business/work. Originally from the show 'Gilmore Girls.'

Now we have Party Crown! Oh how I love this! Its like the perfect metallic/foil purple. One coat and I mean you can't get that with most polishes like this.

I am kind speechless, I was not expecting a polish with this finish to be SO good. Usually they need at least 2 coats, but NOPE! Serendipity somehow created the perfect purple foil/metallic polish! Eppp!! Very excited!

I am really just loving this! What about you? It this one on your list!?

Next up we have some art. I used Serendipity Less Whine, More Wine as the leaves. To get the leaves I used a fall Vinyl by Snail Vinyls.

Well thats it for today guys! The rest of the swatches for this line will be coming very soon! I hope you all have enjoyed this post.

To shop these polishes check out the Shop Now link below! If you have never used Serendipity before they have their full story on their site. I have all of their polishes and I truly love them all. All are in stock now and there are some that have just become must haves for me. I love the fact they are 7-Free and the fact they all have fabulous formulas. Plus they are all priced really reasonable. They all range from $6 - $8! This line they are each $6, and if you want them all you can buy the full collection for $25 which is a GREAT deal. :)

Well hope you all have a lovely rest of your day! Talk to ya soon. :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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