Christmas Sweater Nails

Hello there loves! Hope you are having a great weekend! Last night I had so much fun, and am now feeling extra festive! 🎄 These nails that I am sharing with ya'll today are actually what I had on all of yesterday! Lets take a look at them!

I started with a white base which this time was Alpine Snow by OPI! 😊 Its a good white to have on hand in my opinion. I then free handed the art on it with some acrylic paint! It was a lot of fun actually, and I really enjoyed it.

 Designs like this I just find so fun to do! I haven't done one is SUCH a long time either so it was nice to do one again!

Ah, last night was so nice! Got to walk around in one of my favorite places aka my Stars Hollow, my Blue Bell! If you know those fictional places... YAY! Wooohooo! If you want to go to a real life place that will make you think of those places you MUST visit Saint Augustine. Its beautiful, and when they are decorated for Christmas they do not slack off. They go all out! It was actually crazy to walk along that waterfront last night and think that just in October that part was underwater during a hurricane. Really hard to believe, and I tell ya it all looked stunning especially after what happened with Hurricane Matthew. One of the places that made the "news" and looked worse for wear was actually one of the most beautiful ones last night. 💗💗 Well thats it for tonight guys! Gonna see if I have any pics to share with you from last night. I did put alot on my Snap Chat if you follow me on there you probably saw some! 😉 Tomorrow I start back with the Digital Dozen and I think ya'll will like this weeks manis!

Happy Sunday!

~25 Sweetpeas


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