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Hello there friends! Today I am sharing another polish I got for Christmas and oh  I love it so much! This color isn't "winter" per say unless you are like me and don't define what polish you wear just based on a season. 😀💫

This is 2 coats of Defy and Inspire GTL. Which apparently mean Gym, Tan, Laundry. Who knew? Not me LOL!😂 The formula was really nice and the applications was great! I love the Defy & Inspire brushes, they are a great size that get you a great coverage. This color is perfection too so that makes it even more fabulous. I mean AHH this is like a dreamy coral that is going to probably be a new fave polish of mine. I can see this being a new toe color for sure. Especially knowing its formula is nice and the quality is good. I have used a few other colors by Defy & Inspire and I have loved them all.

If you aren't familiar with Defy & Inspire it is Targets brand of nail polish. You can only get it there, and there is a really large range of colors and they release new ones often I would say. Ah, just another reason to love Target right!? Oh how I love Target runs! 😊 Oh and now you know maybe I should make them a bit longer to help with Fit Bit steps, that would be good right?! Or good justification! LOL!😂 I am seriously loving my Fit Bit and I've been having so much more fun trying to meet goals, and its a great motivator. I sit quite a bit considering my hobbies: blogging, painting, and writing and the fact I am a full time student. So this will for sure help make sure I workout more. I actually like working out, well certain types of working out. My work out timing got majorly out of whack over the past so many months due to circumstances out of my control so.... 😉

Well I better go, this color is just gorgeous! Seriously in love with it! I already have ideas for art and such with it but in all honesty I think its beautiful on its own. I feel like its a great beach color ya know?

 Ahhh, I really want to go to the beach! However.. "our beach" is closed now until the spring since they are cleaning up from Hurricane Matthew. Actually a few weekends ago well the weekend before Christmas we went out to eat at one of our Favorite places, Aunt Kates, which is a restaurant on the Intracoastal. We hadn't been in that area post Matthew. Its in the Vilano Beach area for any those of you who may of watched the news during that hurricane. A1A is the road that goes through that spot and there were pictures of it covered in debris, and houses hanging on the beach. When you see pictures its scary and you feel really sad for all of those people. Especially when you see the spray painted X's and such of the codes to tell people if they could live in the house or not. That all happened the first week of October and now its December, and there has been much improvement obviously, like you can go into that area, but seeing first handle driving down the most beautiful road and seeing all of that is so sad. We could see those houses we were seeing on TV hanging on in person and others that were trying to fix things.  Its just different seeing it in person. Really sad, and so much more real even thought you did know it was real if that makes any sense. There is this little shelter/ beach access area right along the road there that we went to for my Birthday in August and watched the sunset, and it was just built this past summer, yet when we drove by the other day it was blocked off, you can't get in. I have a feeling the stairs you use to get down to the beach are gone. Not sure obviously since I can't actually go and see, but its just crazy. I just hope all of those people evacuated and are doing ok now. Can't be fun.

Wow, wasn't planning on getting that off topic! I wish I had before and after pics for you of some of those spots but I don't. Plus we can't get to some areas like I mentioned since they are blocked off. Well I better go for real this time! Hope you are having a fabulous day.😊

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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