Top 5 Christmas Manis | 2016

Hello there everyone! So its that time of year where I wrap up some of my favorite posts of the year/top rated posts of the year. 😀 The Christmas theme itself is one of my most favorite themes do actually do. That being said I thought it would be fun to go through the top rated Christmas posts of 2016. I have based these ranks off of view counts per post. 😊

1. Christmas Dotticure

The most popular post of this season was this Christmas Dotticure. Honestly I was a bit surprised 😂 These were last minute nails. It was from last week, and it was basically one of those days where I was out Christmas shopping until 11 or so and came home and realized I didn't have a post for the following day. Which yeah, I could of just skipped it but as a personal goal of mine for this past year I want to have a blog post up everyday. I have done that which makes me so happy since it was my  NYR and I kept to it even with a million different things.  Anyway I just always find it super interesting what manis you all like. I mean I know my personal faves and what I see as a "fail" so its always so neat to see others views be the opposite. Ha!😂

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2. Christmas Stockings

Oh so funny! This came in 2nd and was another one of those manis that was a last minute one last week just like the one thats in 1st place. I was like hummm, I only have about a week more till I have to stop using Christmas vinyls so I came up with something quickly. Wasn't overly thrilled about them but apparently everyone else liked them a lot.

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3. China Glaze | Seas & Greetings

I'm actually pretty excited about these being in the top 5! They were one of those manis that I just started with no real plan and it turned out pretty good which makes me happy, and ya'll like it too! Win, Win!

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4. China Glaze | Eat Pink & Be Merry

This was one of the first holiday manis I did this year so pretty neat its in the top 5! I like how they are different and fun, yet girly all while being festive. 💗💕😀

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5. Snoopy at Christmas

YAY! So happy these made it! I kinda thought they would of been higher up actually! They were SOO fun and I was so proud of them and was so happy after I got them down. With manis like this they don't typically turn out like you picture them but I did and was most happy about that.

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There ya have it, the top 5! Now my personal fave of the season didn't make it so I thought I would also share my 3 faves that didn't make it! 😊😉

Hands down my favorite, maybe even of the year? I don't know that maybe a bit extreme to say with out going through everything but this was SOOO much fun. I have had the idea for this look since last year, just didn't think I could pull it off. So glad I tried this year tho, I love them!🌴

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Mr. Walrus was so fun and I was so happy with how he turned out. Love doing little designs like this. I think I still can for the next few weeks too, because its more "winter" than Christmas.

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Now my last "top" fave. Well not really because I can think of 2 more that I would for sure rank up there, but I have to end this post at some point. 😂 These are those type of nails I LOVE to see on IG but can never do. I decided to try again and kinda liked it, and was pleased with this.

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Well thats it for today guys! Hope you enjoyed this wrap up of Christmas nails! Talk to y'all tomorrow! 😊

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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