Digital Dozen | December Theme Day 4

Hello there everyone!! So we are back for another Digital Dozen day and this may just be my favorite of the week. The theme is December and we are supposed to try and paint what our December is so I finally did a beauty Christmas. I haven't been to the beach this month but knowing its only about 15-20 minutes away is always nice! 🎄🌴 Plus there are palm trees everywhere, which I LOVE! So lets take a look at these up close!

So last year I did Palm Tree Christmas nails, and they were wrapped in lights! If you wanna see them you can here. They were my favorite last year. Then this year I wanted to do the same theme but step it up a bit ya know. Now I'm not sure how much I stepped it up, but more like just added more to the scene my getting an up-close palm, adding in an Island AND a flamingo.  ðŸ˜Š I can't say we really see flamingos running around but they are still associated with Florida. Just looked up wild flamingos in Florida and we don't have them anymore. Apparently you can find a type of flamingo in the Everglades occasionally but besides that Florida doesn't have any. Interesting huh!? Who knew we were gonna learn today! Haha!😂 I did see some pretty ones at the zoo though! Oh and fun fact... they are pink because they eat so much shrimp. 😀

However I don't think real flamingos wear Santa hats. Do you? LOL!😂🎅Ya, me neither! Now as for the palm trees, even though they are simple I think they are my favorite part of this mani! I mean I LOVE palm trees any time of year, and then you add CHRISTMAS decorations and well.. Everything is perfect!! I mean who doesn't love a palm tree wrapped in lights! 😍 I free handed all of this with acrylic paint and various brushes! There will not be a tutorial ha, It was a bit of a process and had to hold my hand in weird ways.

Well thats it for today! I hope you have enjoyed this look! I seriously think its my favorite one I have done this Holiday season! I love a traditional Christmas mani but there is something special about a tropical beachy Christmas. 💚😊🌴🎄 Well guys! I will see y'all back here tomorrow for the final Digital Dozen mani of the year! Be sure to check out everyones manis in the links below!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. LOL - this reminds me of our Christmas here in AZ, but we also add in cacti! :) We put lights around the trunk of our palms! :)

    1. I bet! Ha, so does one decorate a cacti? We have small ones around here near the beaches!! Ahh love the lights around the palms! SO pretty! Oh and they have a thing at one of our beaches called Deck the Chairs and they decorate lifeguard chairs! How fun!

  2. Oh my, these are so much fun!! That flamingo is so cute!

    1. Thankkkkss!!! They were so fun, I had the idea and then it actually worked! That has to be the best part! :)


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