Digital Dozen | December Theme Day 5

Hello and welcome back! So I guess todays post is slightly bittersweet! Its the last Digital Dozen post of 2016! I have to say I feel so lucky to of been selected to join this year! Looking forward to years to come with these fabulous girls! 💗 To end our December theme I decided to go back to 2013 and recreate a December look that year! So lets check it out! 🎄

So its kind of a Christmas sweater look? Maybe? I don't really know! I was just copying what I did December 1st of 2013! So 3 years ago!? Wow how time flies! Ha, so obviously I did this then and now thing in hopes of improvement and I think I can see some! What do ya'll think?

I think its pretty self explanatory as to which one is which hehe! I mean back then I was just doing Instagram, the blog had been on my mind, but that year December was a bit odd, and then in 2014 we moved so the blog idea was put on hold! Then thankfully I got to bring that blog idea to life in 2015! If I have learned anything from this mani it is that I stink at deer shapes! 😂 Like seriously, its so hard. I remeber being so proud of that first mani tho! I think it was the first "sweater" style mani I had ever done.

For this years version I used Serendipity Nail Polish Cash Flow Queen. Which I love that name because its green and all so it works with the word/name Queen! Hehe, Green Arrow, Oliver Queen! Yesss! 😂 LOL! Yep thats how I remember that name. Then the rest is acrylic paint, and free handed!

So I'm looking at the calendar trying to figure out when certain things are and what manis to do when, and I don't know about you but I am a bit bummed out by how close Christmas is. I don't want it to be over ya know? I just want to keep doing Christmas manis but nope will have to stop soon. 😭Im hoping I can maybe still do some at least till new years? At least I can do wintery nails through next month right?! Ahh, I don't want Christmas things to end, its too close! I love all the Christmas things everywhere and want more time! Ha, anyone else get this way close to Christmas? Well thats it for today loves! Hope you have enjoyed this post and I will talk to ya'll tomorrow!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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