Holiday Stripe Nail Art

Press Sample

Hey there! Wow are we getting close to Christmas, I haven't even wrapped anything! Ekk, maybe I should be doing then during nail time but eh ya know! 😀🎄 Todays nails are the result of 2 ideas gone wrong then it was a "Ummm what can I turn this in too?" moment! LOL! Really tho thats exactly what happened!

So the initial idea was red gold and green gradation. Well that didn't work so well, so idea 2 was red and green gradation and then a gold glitter gradation on top. That would of worked but the gradation was kinda so so fun the first idea not working. Then the final idea was hummm lets use a vinyl and make this look like a stripe wrapping paper. So I grabbed a new candy cane stripe vinyl by Snail Vinyls and jazzed the gradation up! 🎄😀

All of the polishes used are by Serendipity Nail Polish, because they have FABULOUS holiday shades! The red is Big Red Bow, the green is Cash Flow Queen, and the gold is Glitzy Gold Champagne. All of which are super great! 💛 So I used to LOVE Christmas music, and then it became eh, and its good again. There are just some songs that I don't care for. This year I've been loving the Christmas Magic station on Spotify and then I made another list that is just like all more my type if that makes sense. I found this song called Fools Holiday by All Time Low and thats my favorite song this year for sure. Its Christmassy but not your traditional which is fun. Its SOOO fun to crank really really loud and rock out to in the car! 😊😋 I played it so much on spotify that I just went and bought it on iTunes. 💗 So anywhoooo, thought I could share the playlist I've made for this year with ya'll. I just added some new songs so we will see if I like them. They may or may not stay. 😊 LISTEN HERE

Well that it for today! Hopefully you have enjoyed this post, and maybe found some new songs to use as your background music for last minute wrapping this week! I know thats what I will be using it for, along with random dance parties during my wrapping breaks. 😏 Anyone else do that? Oh and who else has that issue of starting your wrapping and it looks terrible. Then you are on the final presents and all of the sudden it looks good, but now you are done... 😐😑😳 LOL, I feel like that always happens to me!😂 Ok, well I better get going I will just keep rambling! Talk to ya'll tomorrow!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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