Christmas in the Woods

Hello there! How are we all doing? Everyone done shopping and all done with wrapping? Ha, I'm not but thats ok because I am having fun!😀 LOL 😂😂 I mean obviously the going out for something and then the correct size not being there isn't fun, but thats why we have more than one Target right! Hehe!😋🎄 Well today I have some woodsy holiday art!

To set the scenery, its a cold windy night in the snowy woods when the fox went and sat near the tree. All of the trees were leaning and he was just nervous about the star falling off the one Christmas Tree! 🎄😂😁 So he was keeping watch!

Ok so its more like umm I didn't notice the tree was crooked till after I topped it and took photos but ya know maybe it was windy?! 😂

These were pretty fun to do, and simple. I used Get it Girl by Serendipity Nail Polish and that was it polish wise. After that I then free handed the rest with acrylic paint and various brushes. 😊 They were fun and came together quickly!

Well thats it because I've got to get to finishing up the shopping, and then wrapping! 🎄🎄 I'm getting excited! Hope you all liked these, and again any specific nails you want to see before the Christmas manis are over let me know! I want to do all I can but time is almost up and limited soooo...

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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