Nail Crazies Unite | Holiday Movie

Hello there and happy Friday!! So today I am back with the Nail Crazies and we are tackling  Holiday Movie theme! I was kinda really excited about this because I was like oh I will try something crazy and detailed! However, by doing that and all it kinda did not turn out like I wanted to. I know we are all our own worst critics, and I've asked around and others say they can tell its Rudolph so I will go ahead and share them. Maybe they will grow on me, metaphorically and literally! 😊😋😂

So here is a look at my Rudolph nails for my Holiday Movie nails! 😊 I tried to create a light up effect for his nose by using a little glitter but that didn't really show through in the pictures. I did mattify it but honestly that didn't affect it, I put on a shiny top on first to check because I knew I wanted matte but if that was going to mess up my nose idea I was just gonna do shiny. Any way if followed that props to you because I'm not even sure I understood that.  Haha!! Basically I tried it both ways to make sure I did not compromise the design by doing one over the other! Whew, that was so much more complicated in typed words verses spoken words hehe!!!

The base color I used for this look is Zoya Blu. Its a super pale blue which I find great for "sky" backgrounds. :) So if you are looking for a good sky color I would so suggest that blue to you! So the more I look at these photos the more I don't hate this look. I particularly like the trees with the hint of snow on them with the glitter ornaments. Its just fun ya know. A bit festive! Also fun fact did you know the snowman narrator is named Sam!? I didn't, LOL, I actually had to google "what is the name of the snowman that narrates rudolph" I mean I guess he's not that important to the story but actually without him there would be no story so that would make him important I suppose! 😂 Haha, oh all of that contradictory! 😜 

So if I hadn't done Rudolph my plan had been Snoopy because I really want to do his dog house with the lights! 😂 Yet since the theme was Holiday movie I kind figured I should probably do a movie I actually like to watch and honestly Snoopy isn't on my top "to watch" list. I am actually a bit bummed that Rudolph was already on and I totally forgot to tape it, and its not on demand. 😒 Bummer right?! Well thats about it I think for todays post! If you liked this let me know below! Also if you think I should still do snoopy let me know, along with any other holiday manis ya'll would like to see! 💖 Be sure to check out everyone elses mani below in the links! I can't wait to see what everyone else did! 🎄🎬🎥 Also I just recently realized we now can use emojis on here and I may be a bit too overly excited about that! Now I don't have to say *insert laughing face with tears here* hehe!!! 😂😂 Well thats officially all I have for y'all today! Talk you soon!

Happy Friday!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. I love your Roudolph nails! Super cute! Great use of a chunky glitter for the nose and Christmas ornaments!

    1. Thank you! I am glad you could tell it was his nose! I was afraid it was kind of hidden!


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