Snoopy at Christmas

Today is the day I will try and redeem myself from yesterdays nail fail. Rudolph just wasn't all that I imagined so today I am trying Snoopy and I am kind of really happy with this guy! 😏 He is no where neat perfect but thats ok I think. Or so thats what I am telling myself! Haha!😂 So ya'll ready to see this guy up close?

Snoopy Nail Art

Meet Snoopy, Snoopys dog house, Woodstock, and the wimpy tree! Not gonna lie I didn't know Woodstocks name! 🙈 Had to google it, guess you could say even tho I am full of useless info those little details are not in that bunch of info! Haha!! I really like doing Snoopy nails for some odd reason despite the fact I really don't watch Snoopy. I mean of course I have seen the shows many time but just when Its on TV for the holiday, and if I miss it its not a big deal. Yet when it comes to nails I love it! LOL!😂

Christmas Snoopy Nails

The base color is Takko Lacquer Irezumi which is becoming a great winter art base color! :) Ahh, I love love LOVE holiday art. 💕 Its so much fun, plus I feel like there are so many more things to try and endless combos. Summer nails are great and all but I don't feel like there are all that many "scene" options ya know? You can do all the prints and florals which I love but there is something so satisfying about pulling off a "scene" mani! Anyone else feel that way, or get what I mean?😁😂

Snoopy Nail Art

I'm so wishing I had done these for the Nail Crazies Unite Collab yesterday, but regardless I am glad I went ahead and tried it. I could of easily talked myself out of it but I didn't and now I can't stop looking at my nails! 🙉😍 I think my favorite part of the mani is the Christmas lights on the dog house! 😂 What is your favorite part? Well thats it today! Hope ya'll enjoyed this look! It was SOOO much fun to paint! Have a great Saturday!🎄 Also today is my first posting in the Nail Challenge Collaborative! So check out others manis below!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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