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Hello there guys! So today I have a nice dark wintery shade to share with you!! Its kinda like a brown with the slightest berry tone so lets get to it!!

This is Wine A Bit like I said earlier its like a brown with berry tones. Like when I opened the box that this came in I kept thinking it was gonna be like a deep deep burgundy but then when I put it on it was such a brown in like normal house light light. Yet then when I go outside you can see a bit of the berry tone. Wow I feel like that was repetitive but hopefully ya'll understood that odd description. Basically it boils down to being a really pretty dark colored polish! 💕😂

The formula on this was amazing! Seriously, it only needed one coat and applied really nicely! PLUS it didn't stain or anything which is fabulous for such a dark color! :) I am really impressed with it! Plus I may of done some art on top of it that ya'll will be seeing soon that turned out pretty neat! Well thats it for today guys! If you want to get this polish on your fingers ya'll can shop at the shop link below! One of my faves by them is Beach Volleyball. Its like the perfect color, and its wear time is just amazing! So check that out if you are into corals too! :)


Happy Polishing!

~25 Sweetpeas


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