The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

WOW, I can't believe how fast this year has flown by! Seriously, I'm starting to think each year just get shorter! This year has been a crazy year thinking back of it. A lot of memorable day good, bad, and sad. I feel like this year had many firsts if that makes sense. I think its safe to say that the blog has changed a lot over 2016. Its appearance, its content, and I feel proud of its improvements. I have expanded what I do on her a bit by phasing in some new things and I hope to go further with that, but more on that later! 😉😀 I'm excited about what I have in mind. Now my main goal this year was to have a new blog post up everyday. Which is crazy when you think about it because that would be 365 different posts. New content daily! 😯🙉 That being said, I did it! Actually by the end of the year I will have approximately 374!!! Which doesn't seem possible but its true! So I have decided to cater up the top 10 most viewed posts of the year. 😊 Which I will be honest I was really surprised about, yet also super excited about a few of them. Lets get into it!

1. Writing Adventures 

I am SO surprised that this was the number 1 post of the year, and so excited about that fact too! There is a bit of a story to this post actually. So I did this one back in October as a just in case post. See we were expecting Hurricane Matthew, and we were being warned we could be with out power for a week. I thinking of how I didn't want to miss a blogging day decided to take a day to just paint as many manis as I could and get the posts set to go up even if I couldn't get on the computer. The wind was beginning and I knew there was no way I could guarantee I would get any more posts in the "que" before the storm really got bad. That being said this year I finally made the leap and started posted my fictional work on Wattpad and was like oh maybe I should just write a post about that in case of needing something last minute. So I started with it being about that but it turned into more of a how I got the nerve up to actually post on Wattpad. The power ended up staying on, YAY, but I went ahead and let this post and it had a great response. I'm not sure how, but it is actually one of the most popular posts EVER on my site. So I'm actually kind of pleased with that, and it gives me the idea that I could do more things like this and people might like it. Which is really neat because I like making posts like these. Its fun!! 

You can see if for yourself HERE

2. Hurricane Matthew

The 2nd most popular post was from the same time as well. Hurricane Matthew was my first big hurricane and it really hurt a lot of places I love. After seeing the destruction and going through the storm I really wanted to help put out awareness out there. So I put together this post that had "Earth" nails, that also gave links to donation spots. It was a major hurricane and I still even feel like people aren't talking about it as much as they have other storms. I first handedly saw some of the damaged houses the other day and it was so sad, there are still so many people having to deal with hurricane issues, and places that are closed because of damage. There are even roads just gone and a few houses even that are now on a little island and you have to use a boat to get to them. So crazy.

You see the original post HERE

3. Fall Owls

Hahaha, another mani from the Hurricane week! I think ya'll just were on the computer a lot that week! LOL😂  This mani was so cute and simple. I didn't think much of it really when I did it but apparently ya'll were impressed. Its always interesting to see a mani I think of was average become the post popular among viewers. 

Wanna see the details on this? You can HERE

4. Mermaid Tails

I had forgot about this mani! I liked how different it was, kinda cool that its #4! I wouldn't of thought of it as that but YAY! I tell ya, I thought about picking my personal top 10 but there was just no way. I feel like I would have to have different categories for sure. Favrorite sparkle mani, favorite matte, fave neon, gradation, pastel, vampy, and so on! LOL😂😋 This would rank in the Sea Life category! HAHA!

Wanna see the full post with all of the deets? You can HERE

5. Falling Flowers

This was a nice surprise! It was one of those umm I wanna do art but I don't know what type of art to do ones! I just went with it. Also I made a pictorial for it which I didn't do too often. If you like that thought let me know, and I will keep that in mind to do again in the near future. Making a list of post ideas for the New Year. Going to try and widen my horizons. 😏

See full post HERE

6. Digital Dozen | Vamp Day 3

WOW, did not expect this one to land in this line up at all!  This was part of a big achievement, this year I got to join the Digital Dozen, and I started with them in the fall! I tell ya that is such a great group of people and so supportive, and fun to work with! I am so excited for more weeks with them in the new year! 

To see this post in all of its Vampy Goodness ya'll can go HERE

7. Takko Lacquer | Druzy Quartz

When I was compiling this list Takko Lacquer consisted in SO many! If I had done the top 20 I promise majority from here on out would be Takko Lacquer Posts. I love working with Sheryl, she is amazing and her polishes that she creates are just FABULOUS! Druzy Quartz was great! So much depth and neat how it changes.

If you want to see it you can HERE

8. Takko Lacquer | Cactus Quartz

Well this one is just so neat! You have to see how it shifts. I am so excited that some of my swatches showed up in the top posts. I really enjoys watching polishes and this kind is always neat. Especially since ya'll liked it too!

If you want to see it you can HERE

9. Takko Lacquer | Winter Succulent

This one is a beauty, plus the art I did on it was fun! Glad ya'll liked it because I wasn't sure the art part looked all that fab! This color is so pretty, and I need to use it more! LOL

Check out the art HERE

10. Takko Lacquer | Irezumi

Yay, a floral made it! I LOVE florals, and I love this blue! This is actually one of my all time fave blue polishes! I mean really how could you not love this color! Plus I love the fact that its a one coater! Ahhhh,💙😍 oh how I love this!

Check out the art HERE

Well guys, thats a wrap! There are the top 10 blog posts of 2016 for my blog! I look forward to seeing what type of post are in this line up next year. If you have a specific favorite from this year let me know! Always love seeing what you all like. Also, it helps me to know what to do more of. 💖

Happy New Years Eve,

~25 Sweetpeas 


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