New Years Eve Mani + Collab

Hello for the last time in 2016! WOW, so crazy! Since it is NYE after all I have to end the year with a  festive NYE mani right? I think its safe to say that fireworks are a big thing on this day. Actually Jacksonville is having their biggest firework show of the year tonight along with a Christmas Boat Parade. Not gonna make it this year but I'm looking forward to pictures of it all! :) So today some of  The Nail Art Squad and I got together to do a Firework Mani! :)

I used metallic acrylics for the fireworks and then I used Serendipity  Nail Polish Building my Empire ad my black because it is fabulous! 😊💗 I think I did something similar last year but honestly that was a long time ago, so I'm not for sure about that! Haha!!

It was really simple to do and pretty fun! I feel like this is a mani you could rock all week actually, I mean the whole first week is kinda New Year themed right?!

Here is out collab! Everyones nails look sooooo good! Everyone is listed below!

Now for as long as I can remember I've wanted to try to create the ball we all watch drop at midnight.  However for some reason I have never just done it. So this year I decided why not, and just did it! I used acrylic paint for the numbers and the base of the ball, then on top to give it that shimmer effect I used Serendipity Holo-day Lights which is one of my FAVE toppers! 😍😍😁😁 So gorgeous! So glad I just did it! :)

Well I hope you all are having a fabulous night and I will see you back tomorrow, time for a fresh start! :)

Happy New Years Eve,

~25 Sweetpeas


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