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Hello and good morning! How is everyone!? Sad that Christmas is over? Yeah me too! I know it can be a stressful time to many and the build up can be as well but at the same time its a great time of year ya know? Anywhooo, as we finish up the year I have a random variety of posts for you. 😊 Today I am just watching a polish I got yesterday for Christmas.🎄

This is a new Zoya from the Urban Grunge collection. I haven't had a new Zoya in a long time so this is really nice to have! They are hard to get at all of my Ultas for some reason. Like I will go in and ask if they have them and they will say oh I think so and go get them from the back and then they will be like here ya go and its the previous seasons collection.😂 However right now one of the 3 have some of the Urban Grunge Collection which is pretty neat! I mean I know I could order it online and all but I don't know, with metallics and such with Zoya I kind of like to see them in person and decide. I have a good amount of them because they are one of my faves so I wouldn't want to dupe and well you know the color you see on the computer screen may not be accurate. However I will order when it comes to like a really good sale or if I need a back up of a creme because they have nice cremes that I can count on ya know. 😉 This one is Britta and so far I am super impressed. They color is stunning, I love this burgundy color this time of the year, ok all year for clothes, but for nails I like it now. In the summer I'm all about that coral.

Obviously I haven't removed this yet so I don't know if it stains yet because colors like this do tend to do that sooo. Gonna watch for that and if I see it I will let you know, and if I don't say anything then thats a good thing. 😂 I am just really loving this. Its not often that I wear a solid mani, let alone a metallic, but this really is gorgeous. Plus the colors it picks up are neat. Like if you look close who can get some gold and purple and its just really pretty. I am really looking forward to seeing it in the sunlight! Honestly, we really haven't seen the sun much lately in the sunshine state. I think maybe for 3 hours during the week and then yesterday on Christmas it came out after the fog went away, there it got dark and there was a rainbow which was neat. Then it drizzled and that was that!😂

Well that is it today guys, I hope you enjoyed this post and this swatch. Its been a bit since I've just done a swatch so that was a nice switch up. Over the next so many weeks I have some super neat ideas for posts featuring some things I got for Christmas and such. Hoping to find a planner this next week and getting ideas in place. I decided I want to change up my planner style from what I have had but I'm also not sure what I want yet so its one of those wait and see things, run out of time and then cave and probably get the same layout as before. Haha!! Although I did see some really neat ones the other day sooo. What do ya'll like to use? I feel like there are so many options. Plus I mean I love the decorating concept, however sometimes you just don't have that time. Which personally makes me less likely to use it because Its like oh I need to make it pretty first. Plus I mean all the stickers are gorgeous but I would rather buy like polish, makeup, or clothes soo. Then its that battle of well if I get an already "pretty" one what scheme do I wanna go with. LOL! Maybe I just need some gold gots, or pineapples and be happy. Ok enough planner talk! Let me know what you all think of this polish and tell me about your favorite planner!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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