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Hey there everyone! How are ya?! Im still kinda just having some relaxing chill days which is really nice. Its been a long time since I've had days like this and I am loving it. Snuggling in big sweaters and having PJ days are so nice and well thats what Christmas Break is for right!? Oh and eating sweets and good homemade food like Cheesy Hash brown casserole left overs! YUMMM😍

So today on my nails I am wearing another new polish I got for Christmas which I am loving. Not only is this a new polish to me but its a new brand that I have been wanting to try for a very long time. 😀 NCLA I didn't know could really be found in stores but my mommy did, and since she knows me so so well I now have this gorgeous pink!  This is Taurus which is from their Whats your Sign? collection. Which covers all of the horoscopes, this one is April 20th - May 20th. Which seems fitting with the color since is a light pink perfect for spring.😊

I love the bottle shape and the packaging. I mean how cute right? Plus I was impressed with the brush and its size. The polish it self was a bit "milky" which you could kind of tell just from looking at the bottle and usually that isn't something I am crazy about but its was a breeze to work with honestly. I was surprised and happy about it. 😊 It was a total of 2 coats and that was it. Definitely not something to be mad about. 💫💗

As for where you can be guaranteed to find it.... Your can buy it straight from them on their website here. You can also find it on HB Beauty Bar here. Which as you know has many brands so you can get a variety of nails and makeup things there and since you are all viewers here you can use 25SWEATPEAS for 15% off. 😊 A little extra discount is always a good thing right!

Over all I am really happy with this new to me polish and would love to try more by NCLA. Its always fun to try a new brand and like the results. Especially when they are 7 Free and made in the USA. I don't excessively use such and such free brands but I do then to pick those to wear for longer periods of time. It just really depends on what color I want and if there is a such and such free version that I have. 😊 Well loves thats it blog wise today! Off to work out probably because I am obsessed with my new Fit Bit. May even try to make it apart of some of the blog post just to you know make it more of a goal because I tend to always be really dedicated to blog things and if I can combine it, it would be a really good thing! Anyone else use a Fit Bit, and or would like to do some Challenges? Its so fun! Well off to get in some steps, talk to ya'll later. 💖

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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