2 Year Blog Anniversary!

Hello there lovelies! How are you on this wonderful day? Hopefully you are all doing well! I am finally getting back to feeling like myself and I am so excited about that! πŸ˜€ Can't stand feeling icky and not being able to go about my daily things! Anywhoooo.... Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the 25 Sweetpeas website being open! Ahh, I'm so excited!! So crazy to think I have now been doing this for TWO full years, now working on the third! Ahhh, I love it so much! So today instead of doing a best of post like I thought about we are just gonna have a fun chatty post with 15 facts about 25 Sweetpeas/ things I am loving right now! I was thinking about a 20 Favorites post, but have you ever tried to pick out ONE single favorite lipstick? Its near to impossible! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Seriously I would have to break it into categories, like.... Fave lipstick when wearing blues, favorite lipsticks when wear marsala etc. Haha, I think you get the point! Its super hard!

1. What does 25 Sweetpeas even mean? (Fact)

I honestly don't think I have ever actually explained the blog name on here. Which now that I think of it is kind of odd, considering its been my "nail" social media name since 2012! Ok, so first off 25. This may be a bit silly, but 25 is actually a favorite number because of February 25th, 2012! Hehe! See there was this concert I had wanted to go to SOO bad, it was my favorite band at the time and a whole bunch of other bands. So I was trying to find a way to go and I got tickets for Valentines day that year and I can remember that day SO well. Haha! That concert night turned into something much more! I actually got to meet a majority of the bands, and actually got to learn about new bands besides my fave I was mainly there for. One of the opening bands actually turned into one of my all time favorites and I have seen them since, and actually chatted with one of the guys a year or so ago and he remembered the first time we met so that was cool! πŸ’ž So thats why there is a 25! Hehe! Now on to Sweetpeas! Sweetpeas is my nickname that my momma has called me forever and so it kinda just worked! Plus they are a flower and I love to do floral nail art so it seemed to work really well. Plus I thought it would look neat to sometimes incorporate sweetpea flowers into my nails! As you can tell the name really randomly came together, but I love it!

2. I started nail art when I was 16. (Fact)

In 2012 I really started to get into nail polish, and thats actually when I got my first Instagram account! That then involved me following a ton of nail artists and I started to try nail art and posting it on Instagram! Which back then it was @25_sweetpea so its stayed the same for the most part! I thought it would be fun to go back and see my first "nail" post! So here is my first nail art post on Instagram. Oh how far it has come! I remember being so proud of these!

3.  I am self taught nail art lover! (Fact)

My momma always loved polish and I guess that love went on to me and I've gone to the extreme of adding art! 😁😁Hehe!! She always had polish and I always wanted to wear it but when I was little I sucked on my fingers like little kids do with their thumbs. Since I did that and then bit my nails I wasn't allowed to wear polish until I kicked those habits, and then it was selective colors. Which then I started nail art after seeing people doing art on IG and it all just snowballed from there! Now I wear every color in the rainbow! I can even remember mom saying to me you might as well wear the crazy color now because you can't when you get older. Hehe, little did she know! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ Now we both wear all the colors, although I will say I'm not a big fan of yellow. The first nail art I did was a cupcake and it was terrible but I was SO excited, and then I just kept trying new things after that!

4. What type of camera do you use? (Fact)

So I wasn't sure I was going to put this in this post but I feel like it kind of interesting to know what camera I use for pictures. Plus when I tell people what I use they are always surprised. So.... I use my iPhone 6 for all of my photos! I have a camera I could use, and I used to use all of the time prephone but I love using the phone instead. Plus its quality is so great! Before my iPhone 6 I used a iPhone 4S (Love Apple) and it was great too! I know there are some that just don't like phone cameras, and say they can't get it to work for them. Which I can understand. When using any camera you kind of have to train it and learn how to use it. If you go look at the beginning of the photos I took when the camera was new too me they weren't nearly as decent as they are now, because I have learned how to use it in its full potential. Plus sometimes the key to a good photo isn't the camera itself sometimes its all in the set up of the photo! :)

5. What type of lighting do you use? (Fact)

This is usually the question I get after I tell them what camera I use, and the answer is an Ott Lite. Just a simple one that sits on your desk. I got it a few years ago on Black Friday and LOVE it! Seriously I think it was a game changer! Haha!! Also you might be interested in knowing I do not use a light box. I have often considered it but don't really have the set up for it. Also the thought of "Why fix it, if its not broke?" saying came to mind the last time I considered it SOOOO. 😊

6. Happy Planner Lover!  (Loving!)

So ever since starting the blog in 2015 I have found having a planner is a MUST! 2015, and 2016 I had "basic" planners. Last year I kinda decorated for the first few months but kinda slacked off. However this year I am on the whole Happy Planner band wagon and LOVING it! Seriously, the stickers alone are so gorgeous, they are even inspiring certain nail designs so its a win win! I am organized and have nail ideas YAY! Here is a look at the upcoming week's Spread! I am thinking maybe I should start blogging more pictures and weekly spreads, what do you think?

7. FIT BIT  (Loving!)

Oh my guys! I got a Fit Bit for Christmas and I am so loving it!! I am not a "sporty" person. Nah, thats just not me! However I wanted something to encourage exercising because believe it or not I like to work out on my own terms! 😊 Plus a lot of my hobbies are "sitting" centered so I thought it would be fun to have one, and boy was I right!? SO much fun honestly! There are competitons you can do with friends and challenges which are so fun! I've learned I'm a bit competitive too! Hehe! I So far I have been sticking with it really well, and Love it! I am even tracking stats in my Happy Planner!

8. Makeup! (Fact)

I've always loved makeup, but in the past year I have started to love it more! Or should I say I do and experiment more with it now. I think its the fact I have more time to do it now, plus I've found some great makeup companies in the past so many years! I do think all of those things have lead me to love it even more. Also that goes with why I am now trying to do a bit more here on the blog with makeup! Occasionally I will share a makeup look on Snapchat with you. I have this tendency to do similar looks with burgundy colors, but over Christmas break I tried new things and had a lot of fun. 😊 Plus makeup is an art!

9. Music (Fact/Loving)

Most likely you already know this but... I LOVE MUSIC! I honestly don't know what I would do with out it! I always have it on and can't go with out it! I mean music is just something that I couldn't live with out. I mean I know that sounds extreme, but really could you imagine life with out it. I feel like I would just be one sad person. Music is so powerful and can totally change ones mood, and make you feel something special if that makes sense. For me music can also be like a time stamp. Now that kinda sounds weird I know, but there are certain songs that I can hear and you just picture a certain memory. For example one of my favorite song called "Talk to Much" by COIN, reminds me of going down A1A blaring the song, sun roof open, singing and acting silly with friends, on a beautiful summer day. I can even tell you what I was wear! πŸ˜‚ Thats probably just because I have an odd memory. Another one I think of right away is actually Feb. 25th related. Anytime I hear the song "Bad" by The Cab I think of going out to get pizza like the night before the concert and saying to my mom, "Can you believe we are gonna see Allstar Weekend tomorrow! What if we meet them!". Ahh just thinking of that makes me smile.  So yeah I just love the fact music can do things like that! Anyone else feel that way about music? This weekend I am enjoying the new John Mayer songs! To be exact its the song "You're Gonna Live Forever In Me". Here is a playlist of what I have been loving this month! Its a very interesting mix! A lot of fun ones to workout too!

10. I love writing! (Fact/Always loving)

This was something I finally shared with you all last year!!! I actually really enjoy writing fiction. Of course I have to be in the right mood, and the inspiration has to be there but I just love it. Its like creating your own little world. Plus I am such a picky reader, and its so hard for me to find books of my liking so I bet there are others out there like that. That being said I try and write something I wish was out there for me to read. I got the nerve up and actually posted some last year on Wattpad which is exciting! I am hoping I will do more this year. Need to get that good balance of writing, nails, and life LOL!!!

11. Beach, ok this is a fact I guess and something I ALWAYS LOVE!

Ok this is super random, but today I am really just wishing I was at the beach. It was 80 yesterday and ya know I just want to have a beach day. Yesterday I couldn't stop thinking about the beach. There is this super small island I love to go spend a day on during the summer and I haven't been since the summer. It is actually the island that I go to and always come back just inspired to write again. Isn't it funny how just a simple beach trip and give you a good story line. Anywhoooo, I think I figured out why I like this island. Its so close to home, and its just a day trip. I always make some sort of fun lunch and take it as a picnic. We then walk to basically the tip and you can see the water in every direction and park our stuff there, and just chill. Its so nice!! Its almost like a different world there, the water color is so different and low tide is amazing! Its so funny that I love the beach as much as I do now, because I used to not like it. We used to always vacation to the Gulf Side of Florida and eh, it just wasn't me. There is something about the Atlantic side though, I just love it!

12.  Favorite part about blogging? (Fact)

I love it all honestly. There are so many out there that pick a favorite part but I genuinely love it all. I love doing the art behind the posts, I then love putting the posts together, and I love sharing it at the end when its all together. Obviously there are times where one can get intimidated but really I love it all. Also I like the website up keep! πŸ™Š I know, you are probably thinking why? I guess because its something I do all by myself. I am the only person who runs all of this and I'm so proud of how the site has changed over the past two years and I'm proud that I can say I have done it myself. I have always been a person who liked computers, and crazy enough I remember wanting to run my own site one day when I was like in elementary school and now here I am doing that. So really I just love everything that goes into blogging here.  Its crazy to look back on screen shots on how the blog used too look.  Here is a look of what it looked like when I started it! Well at least the header area, the posts were short, and were just in a list, no cool continue reading buttons! I think its safe to say, the site has come a long way!

13. I paint my nails basically everyday! (Fact)

Yep, you read that correctly! I basically paint my nails daily. I could do a whole bunch on a weekend and then just use them for a week, but I like to wear the art. I typically have each look on for 24 hours. Now I know thats not really "realistic" but it works for me most often. Occasionally I will take a break, when I do have things saved up. Really though, I just enjoy going to my room and painting my nails every night. Its kinda just my thing, and I look forward to it. πŸ˜€ Usually I listen to music while doing so, or catch up on Youtube videos. Then I take pictures, then go cuddle with Dixie and watch something! Right now I'm rewatching Hart of Dixie for the 3rd time I think! LOL!!

14. So Thankful! (Fact)

Now I feel like this has been some of the random-est things on here today, but I hope someone has liked it. Also in case for some reason you guys didn't know.... I am so so SO thankful for you guys. With out you I would be talking to myself on here, and wouldn't of been able to do some of the things I have been able to do since I started this blog. You guys are what have gotten me here, and I am so thankful for that. I started this blog as a hobby and for fun, not knowing where it was going. Yet here I am two years in, and I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people and do some dream like things! So thank YOU! Every view, comment, like, pin, retweet, and whatever other action I am missing via the social media world πŸ˜‚ is appreciated and I just love it guys! Thanks for following me on my nail journey for 2 years on the blog and for 6 years on Instagram. Here is to many more!!!

15.  Dixie + Face Behind the Nails

So its 2 years in and I don't have an about me page... Humm, there is something off about that! So I thought it was about time! So you guys can now see that in the menu up top! πŸ‘†The picture isn't just me though. 😏 Many of you know my "little sister" Dixie is super important to me and she just can make anyones day, and she's in the pic with me! :) 

Well loves, thats it for today! I hope you are all having a FABULOUS weekend! I will see ya'll back here tomorrow for some interesting nails! 😊 Thanks again for a great 2 years, now off to work on year 3! Woohoo!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Congrats on the two years and fantastic achievements! This was a fun post learning about you too. <3

    1. Thank you! Plus thanks for stopping by and even reading it! :)


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