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Hello there everyone! So today I am back with the #26greatnailartideas challenge with the Crumpets Nail Tart gals! Today our theme is Red & Pink, and it kinda turned into a Valentines day like mani! Now I know it is early however I have a feeling I'm not going to have a ton of V-day manis next month, so I'm ok with this! 😊

I will be honest, when I started this mani all I knew was I was using 3 colors for the gradation and that was it. I actually had the gradation on all of my nails but.... The nail that is now white with the hearts had a bit of an issue with the gradation so I had to improvise. 😁 Over all I am really liking these and the colors worked together great for the gradation!

For the gradation I used Serendipity Nail Polish, Summer Sunnies, Pink Poinsettia, and Big Red Bow! It worked really nicely in my opinion. For my white I used OPI Alpine Snow, which is always a good one. Right now I have probably 4 of so whites that I alternate with. Its SO nice to have that many good ones. I can remember a time when I was always looking for the perfect white!

Now the hearts were done with a Snail Vinyl. I love how the changed in size as they went down the nails just like how a gradation changes as it goes down a nail so it seemed fitting. The little dots around the hearts were added after the vinyl was removed and I used Serendipity Nail Polish Holo-Day Lights!

Well loves that it for today! :) I hope you have enjoyed this post! I can't wait to see what everyone does in the links! :) Also guess what?! Its Friday, almost time for the weekend, and tomorrow is a special day! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. So pretty! I really love how the accent nail turned out, especially the tiny dots of silver!

    1. Thank you! And Yay! That was a last minute decision!

  2. Ooh I love the 'gradation' (never heard of that word before but I love it), it's perfectly smooth and it turned out beautifully. Your accent nail is also a thing of beauty 💗
    Vicky x


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