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Hello, and good morning! How are you all on this fine Sunday?! Today I am taking a break from nails and sharing some skin care items I have been loving for a while now! I've never been that person who was great about washing their face at all, and I probably never will be fabulous at that. However over the last year face masks have become VERY popular, and I am really liking them!! So lets get into this post!

There are so many face masks out there right now, and they can vary in price any where from 90 cents to prices you wouldn't even imagine. All of them have different benefits, and can vary by skin type as well. So these two are ones that work for me! Both of them are from the Freeman | Feeling Beautiful line and have a lot of options, plus they are very affordable. Which is really nice! I got the Cucumber one last summer, and then the Avocado one just this past week and love both.

If you aren't familiar with this company all of their masks are paraben free, made in the USA, and not tested on animals!

First up let talk about the Cucumber Peel-Off Mask! As this one says, it is a peel off mask! Its for Normal/Combo skin and its goal is to Clarify and Renew Skin! I have had this one since the summer, and I've really enjoyed it. Its something I use only every now and then. Its great for once a week, or even every other week, just depends on ones skin. I find that its very moisturizing which is really nice because its so easy to have a dry face in the winter when everything is dry, and also in the summer when you have been zapped by the sun. :) (Although I would not recommend using this right after a sunburn, its a peel off so that would be VERY painful!) Its a clear mask that dries to a translucent white-ish color after 5-10 minutes. The dry time can vary depending on how thick you apply the mask. I find its usually closer to the 10 minutes. In my case I will put it on then go prep nails for a new mani and then go remove it before I start painting! :) Over all I really like this, it has a very fresh scent too, which is a must because you don't want something stinky on your face! Its main scent I would say is Cucumber. Looking at the ingredients in it though, there are a lot of different fruits in it that you wouldn't guess. 

Next up is my new one! This is the Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask. Its goal is to deep clean and purify pores! It says the clay is there to purge the dirt and oils from your pores. The Avocado and Oatmeal hydrate and leave your skin feeling soft. I would say it does all of those things too! My skin felt great after using it. Also I have found its great for just spot use. You know that feeling when you think something is going to appear or there is a spot and its really red, well this is great to just apply to that spot, let dry and then wash off! I am loving it honestly. I picked it up at Ulta this week because they were on sale, and I had been wanting to try it so why not! Its a minty blue color too, which is fun! :)

Overall I am very happy with both of these masks, and actually I was just on the Freeman Feeling Beautiful site and now have a few others in mind to try! Like the Sweet Tea and Lemon! On their site you can find the full size for $4.29 which I think is pretty good to since its a full 6oz. Then the other option is the Travel Size pouch which is $1.99 and it is 0.5oz. I haven't tried one of that size but looking at the reviews most people get more than one use out of that size! So thats a great way to try one! Those are the prices at Ulta and on the Freeman site actually! Then if you are in the south and have a Winn Dixie near ya I would suggest getting it there because its $4.19 which is pretty good! Obviously selections can vary though! :) Well thats it for today guys! I hope you have enjoyed this post and maybe found something new you want to try! I'm trying to be better about taking care of my face this year so maybe this falls into one of your goals for 2017!

Happy Sunday!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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