Colorful Geometric Mountains

Hello! Wow, already to another month! So crazy how time moves so fast! Today I have some winter nails for The Nail Challenge Collaborative group I am in! To me mountains say winter so thats why I went with them! Also funny side note, I've just realized that both my manis in the group this month have had mountains, AND purple! LOL! Any way... on to the details! 💅

So I saw this mountain painting on Pinterest, and though "Oh that would make a fun mani", and decided to do it! It turned out being a lot harder than I was expecting and much more time consuming! Even though that was all so, I really like them! Its a fun modern look in a sleek way? Not sure that made sense, but I am liking it! :)

There were a variety of polishes used for this mani so I am just going to list them for you! :)


Urban Outfitters - Babe (Lavender)

Defy & Inspire - GTL (Coral)

Zoya - Giovanna ( Metallic teal)

Acrylic Paint ( Gold, White, Turquoise, Black, Grey)

The black outline wasn't in the actual plan I had but I felt like it gave the full design a more clean look, and made it more cohesive! What do you all think? Well I hope you have had a good day, and for those of you that had it off, I hope you have had a fun 3 day weekend!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. I absolutely love these!! I've always wanted to try a design like this, but have never gotten around to it. I need to do it now though!

    1. Thank you!!!
      You should totally do it! Can't wait to see what color combo you come up with!

  2. They are so stunning! I love the colors :)

  3. I love it Sarah! The black outlines make it pop! <3

    1. Thank you so much! Yay, I was so worried they were going to be too much, however the grew on me!

  4. Such a cute and fun look! I love it, but can totally see why it took some time to complete :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah a lot of layering went on with this one!


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