Holo Shattered Glass Nails

Hello! I have good news guys! Its SATURDAY! Its been to long Saturday, I've missed you. 😊💚 Isn't it a great feeling when you wake up and realize it IS actually Saturday! Ahhh... 😊

The shattered glass mani craze has been a thing for awhile and I mean when you add holo it makes it even better right!? I was watching Jaunty Juli on Youtube and loved how she did this mani. She did it 3 different ways actually. So I thought I would give it a try. 😊 As you all know I am not such a fan of Gel. So I went for the free hand way, because I love freehand nail art. 😀

I started with Color Club Harp On It as my base holo polish. Which you guys can get on HB Beauty Bar. I have had this since I started nail art, and holo polish wasn't even a major deal then. It was actually super hard to find too. I never even thought about looking online for polish back then LOL! I found it in a nail polish Kiosk in a mall. 😂 Any way, it's much easier to find now, and you can use 25SWEATPEAS for 15% off on HB Beauty Bar. Then after that had dried I used acrylic paint and freehanded the shards all over my nails. 

It was a fairly easy mani just time consuming. If you don't have that much time though I would suggest you do this possibly as a accent nail. I am pretty happy with how it came out. It looks really neat in direct light! Even more holo-y than what a photo will pick up. :) I may of actually snuck a video of it on Snap Chat a few days ago. 😏💫💖 Well thats it for today. Hope you have enjoyed these nails and I hope you have a great Saturday.

Happy Weekend!

~25 Sweetpeas


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