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Good morning! Ah, finally Friday.😊 Who else is ready for the weekend. I mean I really just want Christmas break back but ya know I will take the weekend. I am also hoping winter may show up here! LOL!😂 Usually January is Floridas colder month but this year is just odd. Any way... today I am back with the Crumpets Nail Tarts Challenge.

Todays theme was/is a big vague. Its New Year, New You so I decided to try a design I have never done. Ok not so much a design but more of a technique. I tried to create a stone marble look. I watched MANY Youtube videos before trying them and none of theme were exactly what I wanted look wise or the technique I wanted to use. I didn't want to use water at all, and I wasn't thrilled about a smoosh mani either. AKA Lazy and I didn't want to clean up LOL! 😂

So I started with a white base. For that I used Takko Lacquer Vice. Then I got out some acrylics. I used white and a grey. I first extremely lightened the grey and used it a little bit with the saran wrap method. After that I then lightened the shade I was using even more and used a little broken piece of a wedge sponge to sponge on a little Y of X to give a base to a "crack". I then used white paint and ran it in the middle of that last sponged section. After that I think went in with the normal grey and wiped the majority off of my brush and created the line on the white lines I made. I then just made little adjustments here and there. Like I added in some little dark grey spots here and there to hopefully make it more realistic.

Now after all of that I really wasn't liking it and just kinda thought it was going to be a fail. However after top coat it looked better. Still not perfect but I am happy enough with it. What do you all think? Also what is the best marble nails you have seen? Would love to see others! Tweet them to me at @25Sweetpeas!

Happy FriYAY!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Lovely marble look! That's one I haven't attempted yet because it seems so complicated. :P I think yours looks great!

    1. It did seem to be which is why I put it off so long! Glad I tried it tho! So many ways to wear it! :)
      Thank you!

  2. FANTASTIC!! I'm a big fan of anything marble or stone like - and you nailed it with these (sorry, but the pun is true)! I appreciate all of the techniques, and I think you went with the hardest, but likely easiest one to control the outcome. Nice!! And isn't it amazing how top coat can transform the art!?! ;)

    1. Haha, thank you!!! Yeah it was a bit time consuming, but like you said that gave me a lot more control! :) That way I could hopefully only do them one time and not get impatient haha! :)


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