Marble Nails | Done with a Plastic Bag

Hello, and happy Monday! Today I have some fun nails for you guys, and they are experimental!  I've finally tried the "smoosh mani" but I did the version where you use a plastic bag! Interesting right!? I will give all of the details below!

SOOO... I saw THIS video on Youtube by Spektorsnails. Super cool video, and her nails turn out so cool! So I tried her way, and mine didn't turn out quite how I would of liked but it's still pretty cool. At first I wasn't sure I liked the look at all but now that I've had them on for a bit I like them! Its unique and will be different every time!

Polish wise I used Zoya Blu, and Dream. Which I believe you can pick up both of them up on HB Beauty Bar. (Use 25SWEATPEAS for 15% off) 😉 Zoya are so hard to find in stores these days! Basically you start with a base color. I used one coat of Blu and then you dab that color on really thick along with Dream.  Then when those are all blobbed on, you take a part of a plastic bag and kinda just smear it around/dab it. You can see it better in the video link above in the last paragraph. 😀

Well thats it for this post! I hope you have liked the experiment! It was nice to try something new! The only "bad" thing about this mani is the clean up honestly. Even though I did you a barrier around my nails, this technique floods your cuticles, which isn't fun. However ya know a few days after you've had it one the clean up finally looks good! Haha!! 😂 Next I need to try a drip mani! Who agrees!?

Happy Experimenting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Oohh pretty! I love the shimmer that the sparkly blue polish adds to this look.

    1. Thank ya!! I'm happy it wasn't a complete disaster! Haha!


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