NYX | Love in Rio Set

Hello, and good morning! Today I am excited to have another makeup post! 2 within 7 days! This is crazy right!? Haha! :) Anywhoooo today I am going to review this fun little makeup gift set I picked up around Christmas time! NYX had some really good box sets over the Christmas season! Oh and after Christmas the prices were great! 😊

 First off, with this set you get a Shadow trio, and a full size Matte Lipstick. Now I was just looking for it to see if I could see if it was still available, but sadly I didn't find it. I do think you can get each thing solo though. The shadow trio looks to retail at about $6.99 if you can find it. Then the lippie is still available for sure and it retails for $6. However if you were lucky enough to pick this up at Target around Christmas I believe it was about $5 something. I am not positive on that tho, I got it the week or so after and it had been marked down to $2.75! I honestly never saw it before, but am glad I did when I did! You can't beat that for both of these items! I mean that for the lipstick alone would be a good deal! (I love NYX lipsticks!) 

The shadow set comes with 3 shimmery colors that make for great everyday shades. Its called NYX Love in Rio Bikini Bottom. I was a majorly hesitant to try these honestly. I had an NYX Shadow stick and loved it but something about its formula didn't bode well and I had a bad reaction. So I was a bit nervous about these shadows bit I haven't had any issues which I am happy about! I liked the shadows, but wasn't super crazy about them The first one I was really excited about (light colored one) but it was a bit powdery/chalky. I am thinking about try it wet and seeing if that helps, using my finger did help immensely. The middle color was pretty good, its pay off wasn't what I was expecting though. It did take quite a bit to build up. The last and darkest color I did like. I used on my corners and a bit into the crease. It wasn't as dark as I was expecting either. Over all these make for a good more natural everyday look these are good! It gives you something with out being over the top.

Above here we have the swatches! The lightest shadow is really hard to see, but I promise you it is there! 😁 The lippie is obviously the top swatch. Its a Matte Lipstick called Natural (MLS09), and I love it! Its such a good color, good neutral color! I always find it hard to find a good pink lip to wear when wearing pink and this is perfect. Its just a good even coat of a real lip like color, which I like. Its formula is long lasting, and its not drying with is great! Still has a creamy feeling all day. I would say it lasts for about 6 hours. Obviously that can vary depending on eating and such, but it typically lasts me a good amount of my day! I was/am really loving it!

Here I am wearing all 3 shadows, and the lipstick! I really like how it looks all together. Its a very nice easy look! Well guys, that is it for today! I hope you all have enjoyed this post! I know I've never done one quite like this so... Its a bit different and odd for me! Haha, can't wait to see what you all think! 

Happy Sunday!

~25 Sweetpeas


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