Mediocre Pineapple Nails

 Hehe! I'm guess from the title of this post you can already tell how I feel about these! 🙈 Don't get me wrong, I LOVE pineapple! Its become and odd obsession actually. That being said I usually love everything pineapple like. However there is something just off about this mani. Lets get into it so I can explain! LOL!!1 😂

I had this cool combo purple, pink, and yellow in mind. Ya know funky and tropical. Well it didn't translate to my nails as well as I had hoped. I went with a quatre foil pattern on the majority because I kinda hoped it would look pineapple like. I kind of can see how it did that, but still wasn't quite what I had in mind. I'm sure you can relate to if you've ever had some design in mind that just didn't work.

All of that said, I love this purple polish! Haha!! I can't wait to use it more this year. I've never majorly been into purple but this I am liking a lot! Its Serendipity Nail Polish Vacation Vibes! Ahh vacation. 😊 Actually weird fact... I'm not huge on vacations. I love like time off from school and such, but to leave home for a week eh. Then again where we live is a vacation destination so there is so much to do! LOL! Well loves, thats it for today! I will talk to you all tomorrow! 😊

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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