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Calling all purple lovers!! 😍💜 I am sorry for the sudden urge you are about to feel to go out and buy a polish! LOL😂 This purple has to be the more beautiful polishes I have ever worn! So lets get into the post shall we?!

This is 2 easy coats of Zoya Finley. Finley is a gorgeous scattered holo that is seriously stunning! Its the perfect formula and the perfect shade of purple honestly. I have used it on my self now and on my mum yesterday. Actually it is her's but she let me swatch it! 😘 Fun fact, she is the one who got me started on polish. She has always had a nice sized polish collection but in the past so many years since we are both super into all of the polishes we both have a large collection. I would be interesting to count ours and then add them together. Its probably a number we shouldn't say! LOL😂🙈

I am super pleased with this one. Like I mentioned a few posts ago, I really hadn't had any new Zoya in a bit and then this year I think between the 2 of us I have access to 3 new ones which is nice!

This is just really pretty and I think all purple lovers need this one! Well I hope you all have enjoyed this post, this swatch was so nice to do and great to work with!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. I love Finley!! I wish Zoya would come out with this finish in every color imaginable!

    1. So pretty right!? Totally agree too! That would be fabulous, I think I have 2 others. Dream and Aurora! :) Both so pretty!


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