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We are back to regular programming! LOL! Back to nails today, and this is a gorgeous polish! Oh and who thought of Troy Bolton when they read that title?! 😀😂 LOL! He is who I thought of when I read the name of the polish. I was a huge HSM fan back when that was a thing. I'm still kinda shocked they are making another one. I have mixed thoughts on that. Who else? Oooo, after all of that I bet ya'll can guess my age! Or maybe not? Ya'll are familiar with High School Musical right? Wow, we really have gotten off topic. 😂 Now back to business because ya'll need the details on this polish!

This is ONE coat of Zoya Troy, and umm its kinda perfect. It has a gunmetal look and so metallic and I love it. Its a good neutral color that will go with anything I think. Plus the formula was great. I mean you just can't beat a one coater that is this pretty.

So what are you all thinking about this color? I am enjoying it! Fun to wear as well, which is fun! I can see it with some nice golden dots. Yes I do have a gold dot obsession. Also while we at it I should tell ya'll as of the past so many months I have been drawn to Pineapple! LOL! 😂🍍 Why? I don't know exactly, but I love them! Hahaha!

Well thats it for today loves! Hope you have enjoyed this swatch! Also what did you all think of yesterdays post? I really enjoyed putting it all together. I have some interesting topics I have jotted down in my notebook. They glittery one ya'll saw yesterday. 😂😍 Some interesting topics I think. One I am really excited about because it will kind of be a social media tell all, and an explanation as to why I never posted the top 9 IG thing. I usually love those but this year there was a bit of an issue with it. So I thought I would explain things a bit! 😊

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


  1. I own this polish, but have yet to try it out. It's stunning though! I'm curious about this social media tell all post too!

    1. Its great! I mean you can't beat a color like this that is a one coater! Would be great as a last minute accent nails! :)


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