Abstract Valentines Cheetah Nails

Hello and good morning! 😊 Today I have a very different just abstract mani for you all! I had no ideas last night so I started with a smoosh mani, then added random bits of cheetah! 😉 See I have this habit of resorting to cheetah if I have no ideas! Haha! So lets check them out!

For the "smoosh" I used a total of 3 polishes! I used Serendipity Nail Polish Summer Sunnies, and Pink Poinsettia. Then the holo in is Color Club Cherubic. I just just a stamper to smoosh the polishes this time and it was an easier clean up for sure!

Then I started adding random lines and cheetah and this happened! LOL!😂 I'm mixed about how I feel about it honestly. I am really wishing I was having some great V-day mani ideas but nope! Give me a week when its over and all of the good ideas will come! Haha! I mean really, isn't that how it goes!

That being said... I will not bore you anymore with random blah blah blah! Haha!! Hope you area all having a great day! I am planning on working on a bit of a DIY project that hopefully you all will be seeing soon! Its nothing major but will hopefully help improve some of my photos! :) If you guys have any certain V-day Mani requests, I will be doing them until Monday so let me know! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. I think it's cute! It reminds me of the MoYou London trend hunter collection plates, with the different sections of patterns and color.

    1. Oooo thank you!!! It looks like a stamp now thats cool! Haha, I have never been able to pull off stamping! So much respect for those who can! Haha!!


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