Top 4 White Polishes

 Hello there everyone! So today I have a post that I think is super important and helpful! I feel any one who does nail art or has a love for polish is always looking for a good white. I remember starting out in the nail world, and I had now perfect one coater white with just the perfect formula. However over the past year I have found FOUR that I love! That being said I thought I would share with you all! So lets take a look!

Before I show you the polishes here is one coat of each white! All of them are perfect and are ones I just rotate too! Each nail is numbered and those numbers match up with the photo below! Really you can't tell a difference on the nail. They all apply really nicely.

Now that you can see what they are let go through each one! :)

1. Takko Lacquer - Vice
Love everything Takko Lacquer puts out and last year when she put out a white I was SO very excited! Its a great polish and I know its a vegan polish and has vitamin e in it so I can feel good knowing I'm wearing a good polish. It is an online polish only, so if it becomes your go to you would have to plan ahead and have back ups! Plus the Takko Store isn't always open, so I consider this my luxury white. Meaning if I know I'm going to have this mani on for multiple days I am going to wear this, if not and I'm only gonna have the mani on a day or so I will save it for longer wear times. :)

2. INM - White Porcelain 
I was/am sooo impressed with this white! This polish retails at $3 and its perfect! You typically can't get such a good polish at that price honestly so this is a GREAT polish in those regards. Plus if you use white a lot its easy to replace with out spending $10+. I can't really say if its 3-free or anything free actually. Its really hard to tell, and not really advertised. So if that is a big deal to you you might want to look further into that. This one is also a bit tricky to get your hands on, I haven't seen it in stores, but you can get it online. Another one you would need to plan ahead with. :)

3. OPI - Alpine Snow
After seeing so many love this one I finally just bought it last year! I ended up being really happy I did too because it is great! I like knowing that if I run out I can easily go take a trip to Target and grab another one. It is a bit on the pricy side compared to the INM one but white is that one polish I really do use until its empty so it gets used enough, and doesn't go to waste! :) Pssstttt.... Target has the lowest price compared to Ulta and Sallys as of lately! ;) Also I believer OPI is only 3-Free if that matters to you!

4. Shery' Nail Lacquer - Lille
This is a great white! Its another one you can only get online but I love it. Its a vegan polish like Vice! I would say out of all of them its a bit more watery than the rest but it applies nicely and as you can see, goes on in one coat! I really like it! So this one is like the first 2 in regards of having to order online and you kind of just have to plan ahead with ones you can only get online.

There ya have it! My top 4 white polishes that a rotate using! I am so glad I have finally found one good white let alone 4! I also here that a brand that is known for " One Coat Wonders " may be releasing their own white very soon! I am super excited about it, and soon as I know more I will share with you guys! I hope you all have found this informational/helpful, or maybe just enjoyable! Anyone else have a white that they love and grab for often? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Great post! That's awesome that a one coater white exists for only. $3! I go through so much white and it's nice to know what the best options are.

    1. Thank you so much! I go through it too, and I feel like having it being a one coater is such a necessity especially when planning on doing art on top!


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