Bestie Twin Nails | Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Hello there! Happy Saturday, anyone have fun plans for the weekend? The Grammy Awards are on this weekend, and James Corden is hosting so that shall be good! Hopefully there will be some pretty dresses. 😊 Today I am doing a bestie twin mani with the fabulous Journailism!

She came up with the great idea of chocolate covered strawberries inspired by a mani Kelli Marissa did, so thats what we did! I have been lacking ideas for this Valentines season so I was happy to have a "no brainer" mani to do with Journailism! Also I just love how clever that name is.

Here are our manis! Her's turned out fabulous! I couldn't pull of the "spun" method for some reason so mine doesn't match perfectly but hopefully you still can pick up the concept! 😊🍓

I used Serendipity Nail Polish Big Red Bow as my red base. It is my hands down favorite red polish! Its just the perfect formula and yep I love it! I hear their spring line is coming soon and I'm pretty excited about that!

Well guys that is it! I am writing this on Friday and am about ready to go cheer on my brother at a track meet! Hoping for a neat sunset and maybe a look at this "Prenumbral Lunar" Eclipse, yeah I have no idea what that is! 😂😁 Also you all know I'm in Florida, its been really nice and spring like this week, but now that I am about to go sit outside for a good 5 hours its decided it wants to be winter again. 😜 Crazy weather, I kid you not, we get 4 seasons a week! LOL!!! I love it tho! Also random but I went to a really pretty garden this week and took photos. Would you all like to see them? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Saturday!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. These are super cute! I love the little yellow dots for the "seeds".

    1. Thank ya! I'm glad you knew they were seeds! I had them white first and then decided to go with white instead!


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