Nail Crazies Unite | Anti-Valentines Day Mani

Hello and Happy Friday! This week has just felt weird, I don't know why but its just been off ya know. I think its been due to the lack of nail art ideas. Today though I got a bit "punny" with our anti-valentines nails! So lets look at them!

" I donut like you"
Super odd take I know but I thought it was funny! Hopefully you guys get it and its not TOO cheesy. 😊 I have seen a lot of cute/fun funny nails but lettering is kinda a must with those manis, and that intimidates me. That being said I made sure to have a lot of room.

I used China Glaze At Vase Value as by base color, and the rest was done in acrylic paint. It all came together fairly easy actually. I have recently found over the past few months that I like to watch Youtube while I am painting and ya know what? The video wasn't even over when I was done!

I hope you all have a great day and a great weekend! It seems like many in the US have been having some intense weather! Super cold temperatures, hot temps, snow storms, tornadoes, microbursts and so on! So crazy! Especially the tornadoes considering its not spring yet. Where I am we had some really intense wind the other night and some say there was a tornado but the National Weather Service hasn't confirmed that so I can't really say. I will say tho it was crazy. The damage to some houses, and the debris all over! No one was really prepared, and there weren't really any warnings out which is a bit nuts considering it all. So I hope you all have been safe weather you have been in the tornado areas, or the areas covered in ice! 

I was looking at the stats of my site the other day and noticed that a lot of you aren't even in the US which I found really neat and that kinda of made my day! 😊💕So I thought it would be fun to comment below where you reading from! 

Talk to ya'll soon!

~25 Sweetpeas


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