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Hello there everyone! So today I have quite a big, exciting, lengthy post to share with you! I have recently received the Morgan Taylor Beauty & the Beast Collection inspired by the new movie coming out next month compliments of Morgan Taylor and the Preenmevip program. So without further a do, lets begin! 😊💖

First Up we have Be Our Guest. This color is just gorgeous! Its the perfect pink and the formula was very impressive. This is actually the first time using Morgan Taylor polishes, and I am so impressed. The formula was just perfect, and I love the larger brushes. They are on the larger side and remind me of OPI. Perfect for a one swipe mani.

This polish was a one coater, which makes it even better! Also just so you know... I will be posing with the bottles like normal but a few may look a but stained. Reason being that one of the polishes from the collection broke in transit and it was all over the place, so its as good as it could be.

 Next up we have Potts of Tea. Which at first I thought was a white but in person and on it appears to be more of a faint faint blue. Also something I wasn't expecting, but am liking, is the shimmer that is unexpectedly there. Its a light lavender shimmer I would say. Its not all that noticeable but just enough. 😊

This one was a 2 coater. The first coat applied a bit thin/streaky, but the 2nd coat made it just right and ready for top coat. I am liking this color. I could see how it would be inspired by Mrs. Potts and Chip. It has a porcelain look to it. 

Lastly swatch wise we have Enchanted Patina. Its advertised to be a topper, or to be worn alone. In these photos I have on two coats alone. The formula is really nice and applies really well. The first coat is a bit sheer and I could still see my white line so the 2nd coat was a must.

Its bit of a gold/bronze/rose gold color. Its pretty tricky to put it into words. Its a neat color, but I will say its also a bit tricky to apply. The formula is nice like I said earlier, but its just one of those polishes you have to be careful with to make sure there are no visible brush strokes.

Here we have an up close photo of it that allows you to see a bit more of the colors that it picks up in the light. Now I think its time for the art portion of the post! What do you all think!?

Obviously no one has seen the new movie yet, so to get inspiration from the new movie I watch many previews, and looked for photos. I noticed that a lot of the clothing consisted of layers of different fabrics, and many had little floral prints, that being said thats what I tried here. Also I decided to see Enchanted Patina was like as a topper.

I applied it on top of Be Our Guest and the first coat was just streaky. Then the second coat fixed that but I don't really think it made much of a difference in regards of being a topper verses on its own. That all being said I love how it worked for the dots, but I'm not should I would quality it as a "topper" polish. I would rather wear is solo color instead of a base color + 2 more coats of Enchanted Patina.

Here we have another floral. This one is inspired by a dress I saw in many different photos. Below I will have a photo! I am most happy with how this floral turned out. Plus it was perfect for Potts of Tea. 

All of the art was done with acrylic paint and 100% freehanded. It was actually really fun to do, I hope its pretty close to what is actually seen in the movie. The picture I am basing it off of is a bit dark, and you can't see much.

There it is! I am really happy with all of these polishes, and had a lot of fun with them. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I know it was long and full of photos, but it was really fun to create. Part 2 will be coming this weekend! Each of these polishes retail at $9. You can find all of the info on them here.

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Oohh what a fun collection! I really love the nail art you created with it, especially the tiny little roses in between the chevrons! So dainty and cute!

    1. Thank you so much! I am really impressed with this collection so far! :)

  2. Lovely swatches and the nail art is fabulous, but I never expect less from you my darling :)


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