Serendipity Nail Polish | $elfmade Babe Spring 2017 | #GoalDigger

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Hello there! Today I am back sharing the last new Serendipity Nail Polish with you all! 😀 Today in fact I am sharing a brand new must have favorite! Its a white!

This is #GoalDigger and its a one coater! Another one coat wonder! :) Ahhhh, I'm loving it! I think I'm going to need to update my top white polishes post because this one is going to be in that line up.

Its gorgeous, I am not sure why this photo is coming up so dark, its literally the same lighting as the photo above. Anywhoooo.... I think this polish is gonna be a must have for everyone. The cool thing is there is a trio you can get that has this along with their black and their top coat included. How cool is that! Super great combo because well I love them all. PLUS Its only $20 for all of that, and in our Nail Chit Chat this weekend they even said that they offer Free Shipping in the USA. How cool is that. I don't think I had ever realized that before I'm so impressed with that! I mean honestly, I hate when I go to buy something online and the shipping cost more than the item, so I am super impressed with that, and wanted to make sure you all knew.

Next up... ART! It was time for a vintage-y like floral for something a bit different. The base of the blue flowers is Wake. Pray. Slay. The rest of the details were done with acrylic paint.

This new shade is available now along with the full collection. The full new line consists of 3 Cremes, and one holo! 💖 The holo retails in their shop for $12 and the cremes are $10, OR you can get all of them together for $30! All of the links you need are below! 😊


Well guys, that is it for today! Hopefully you have enjoyed todays post. I have really enjoyed this full collection!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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