Serendipity Nail Polish | $elfmade Babe Spring 2017 | Wake. Pray. Slay

Press Sample 

Hello and good Monday morning! I know most aren't "Monday" people, but sometimes I am. This one I am because its a day off! Ha, well kinda... Anywhoooo today I am back with another new Serendipity Nail Polish. Hopefully you all enjoyed the Twitter Chat with them last night! 😊

This is one coat of Wake. Pray. Slay. Which is a fun dusty blue with a hint of teal. Its a refreshing color to see in a spring line, because usually you only see really soft blues in the spring but this has a bit of edge to it that I am liking. 😁💙

Plus its another one coater! I just love that Serendipity always has one coaters. I mean one coaters are GREAT for those that do art. Its a time saver, plus the polish lasts long because you aren't wearing so many layers. 😏

This one does have a bit of a satin finish if you don't apply top coat. As you can tell I did put on a shiny topper for these pics. Next up I have matte on top of the art that I did on it. 😉

So since it is a spring line I thought it would be fun to do a bit of a floral mani. I had intentions of a bright floral but it took a turn and kinda went a bit darker than I had originally planned. However, I am liking it. I used Serendipity Vacation Vibes, from last summers collection, for the purple flowers. The rest of the art was done with acrylic paint.

This new shade is available now along with the full collection. The full new line consists of 3 Cremes, and one holo! 💖 The holo retails in their shop for $12 and the cremes are $10, OR you can get all of them together for $30! All of the links you need are below! 😊


I hope you all have enjoyed the swatch and he art. I feel like its been a while since I've done a post like this, and it was fun. PLUS I have some fun things coming up I think a lot of you will like, so be on the look out! 😏💫

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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