Serendipity Nail Polish | $elfmade Babe Spring 2017 | I Close Deals in Heels

Press Sample

Hello, and good morning! Today I am sharing Serendipitys new Pink with you guys! I am really liking it, its a bit of a mauve toned pink.

Here is I Close Deals in Heels. The formula was/is fabulous! Only one coat, and it dries shiny! Yeah I'm loving it! I am so excited to use this whole collection for a gradation. I am thinking its going to be great to sure for gradations since the formulas are all once coaters.

I did apply a top coat here which you all will see why later on. See Serendipity has just started selling vinyls by Snail Vinyls and to use a vinyl you want a quick dry top coat on top of your color before using a vinyl.

I am just really loving this pink! Its a shade I don't think I actually have used before which is fun, and nice to see in a spring collection.

There were 4 vinyls being paired with this polish collection and those are pictured above!

4. Daisy

There are even more listed on their site! Snail Vinyls are probably my favorite. They always work really well for me. If you want to shop even more vinyls you can here.  

I used the Moroccan vinyls and the new GRL PWR polish to create this look. I really like how it turned out. Plus I think this is my best experience with a vinyl, like ever! That being said I am really enjoying this look! Its so gorgeous in the sun too!

This new shade is available now along with the full collection. The full new line consists of 3 Cremes, and one holo! 💖 The holo retails in their shop for $12 and the cremes are $10, OR you can get all of them together for $30! All of the links you need are below! 😊


Well guys, that is it for today! I hope you have enjoyed see the new polish, the vinyls and the art! I love how this whole collection just works really well together! Its really great!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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