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Hello there! Hope you are all having a good weekend! Today I have a bit of a fun mani, that is quite eye catching! :) Lets check it out!

So for todays nails I have used the Space Cadet vinyls by Snail Vinyls. Its a really neat geometric pattern in my opinion! Plus fun fact, as you can see there are 2 different designs on my nails. That comes from the same vinyl believe it of not. They are big enough that you can use half on one nail and then the other half on another nail. How cool is that! So for these 4 nails I actually only used 2 vinyls! Pretty savvy eh? :)

Polish wise I used Serendipity Nail Polish Building My Empire, and then the holo is Color Club Harp On it! Ahh I am actually really enjoying these! They are fun for any time of the year too! Then again when is holo a bad idea right! Ha, never!

Well guys that is it for this Sunday! Remember next Sunday is out #nailchitchat all of the details about this months can be found here. Hope to see you all there! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas

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  1. Gorgeous mani! I live the contrast of the holo against the black!


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