The Flash | Inspired Nail Art | Part One

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Hello! How is everyone? I am pretty excited! As I mentioned yesterday I have a two parter post starting today! 😊 As I am sure you have already guesses, todays nails are inspired by DC Comics show The Flash which is on the CW. I tried to do Flash nails in 2015 and well they didn't go so well. That being said I thought it was time for another go!

Snail Vinyls recently sent me a Lightning Bolt vinyl and soon as I saw it I thought "Oh I'm gonna have to do Flash nails with this!" Then after last week's episode I decided to just give it a go! I was a bit nervous but I also really wanted to redeem myself from these. Ha, yeah those were pretty bad. 🙊😟 Anywhoooo, this just seemed like the perfect time to try it again. The vinyl is a bit larger than what I needed so I didn't use all of it. Which I realize that may sound confusing, but don't worry it will make sense. Ha, but I will save that for tomorrow! 😏😉

Polish wise I used Serendipity Nail Polish Big Red Bow and Glitzy Gold Champagne which you can find here. The details were done with acrylic paint. Which brings me to the next part! Tomorrow morning at 7AM EST I will be releasing a Nail Art Tutorial to go with this! I thought it would be fun to save for tomorrow considering Flash is on tomorrow night! 😉

So who else here watches the show? I watch it with my Brother who just loves Flash so its fun! We watch it along with Arrow, Legend of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. Although I am behind a bit on few of those. Surprisingly lately SuperGirl has grown on me! I think since #karamel became a thing its gotten a lot better. Last week was intense right!? 😊😉 Arrow would too ya know if #olicity got back to being a thing! Haha!!! Anyway... I hope you all have enjoyed this post. Check back tomorrow for part two, AKA a Tutorial! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. I love this! I recently watched the Flash series on Netflix, and it was such a fun show! Love these Flash inspired nails!

    1. It is pretty good! I've watched them all and am actually caught up! Last weeks was most interesting!


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