Zebra Nail Art Using Vinyls

Good Morning! Wow, this week is kind of just flying by! Today I have a fun zebra mani! I haven't done a Zebra look in so long so I thought it would be a good time to! I feel like lately I've been stuck in an art rut and now I just want to do random things ya know? Challenge myself, and try new things, or redo things from the past! Just a change up. I enjoyed yesterdays mani so much, and I want that with more manis!

These nails were SO fun to wear. I felt like I had on a nail sticker or something. It was just different, yet I did it. It was not a sticker. Well I did use a vinyl, but still! I have never been great with vinyls. However since I have started using the vinyls by Snail Vinyls, my vinyls experience has been much better!

For this fun look I used 3 Serendipity Nail Polishes and a vinyl. All of which are listed below!

Holo-day Lights (Sparkle)

It all came together so well and was super fun to wear! I hope you all like them as much as I do, and hopefully you have enjoyed the post all together!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas

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