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Hello there lovelies! Today I am pretty excited about the post! I had so much fun with yesterday's post. I need to do more written based posts. Personally I love those kind, and I love reading others! On that note with it being different and fresh I wanted to do a mani for today that I hadn't done in a long time. That being said I thought it was about time for some palm trees!

As most of you probably know I love palm trees! I went about a week last year with out seeing any and I was so happy to get home to see them. Silly I know, but they just make me smile! I couldn't come up with what to paint either. All I knew was I wanted to use these two polishes for a gradation. Those polishes are both by Defy & Inspire. They are Bachelorette (Pink next to cuticle) and GTL! I love love love both of these polishes alone so I was so excited to put them together, plus also see how they gradate.

That being said... They work amazing for gradations! I am seriously just in love with these polishes/this look! To me they say beach trip! Plus I thought that was pretty appropriate considering many people are start Spring Breaks this month. We can already tell around here just going out and about because there has been quite a bit more out of state plates! Ha, its funny when you're out on the highway and see more non-Florida plates than actual Florida plates when living in the fabulous state! Hehe!😂 This area is pretty touristy and I love it! It can make certain parts of town during this time of year a bit tricky for us locals, but its neat!

Ahh, I really just want to wear this look for a really long time! Its so fun, and so me. There is just something about a good gradation and Palm Trees! You just can't beat them! 😍 Well loves, that is it for today! Who has fun Spring Break Plans? Anyone going any where fun? Let me know, and what you will have on your nails for the break!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas

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  1. I love palm trees! It was one of the things I was most excited about when moving to my current location- there are palm trees everywhere here and it makes me feel like I'm on permanent vacation. Actually, I do also have an actual vacation coming up, and we are going to... Florida! Ha ha But we won't be adding to the out of state liscence plate issue, since we will be flying. ;)

    1. Me too! We were in the midwest before and no palms! So I never take them for granted! Haha! Plus I love the live oaks, spanish moss, and pines! LOL!! Totally like a permanent vacay! I love living where people vacation! Oooo, what part of Florida!?

    2. I was a Midwest girl too; born and raised in Kansas. :) I'm headed to Disney World to celebrate me and my Husband's 10-year anniversary. Sooo excited!

    3. Ahhh! Indiana for most of the time for me, but Florida for the past 3-4 years! I count by summers and this will be the fourth summer! :) Oooo, fun! Plus congratulations! The Orlando are is always fun!


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