Digital Dozen | Get to Know Me | Day 5

Its the last day of our "Get to Know Me Week" so I thought I would try and capture something different and have a bit more of a story to go along with these. I wanted to try and create a water inspired mani which I actually really like. :)

Todays nails symbolize the Ocean, the intracoastal waterway, the river, and just bodies of water. I love being by the water, however if 5 years ago you would of asked me I would not of said much because I honestly didn't care. In 2014 we moved to Florida and at first I wasn't thrilled about it. Leaving everything I knew and the place I had lived forever (that I could remember) was weird. However once the moving process got going I got excited! The new adventure, the new house, and actually going to our new town changed everything. Now I look back on it all and am just so happy with me and what I have done since being here! There were good and bad things that came with it all yes, but I am just really happy. I have done things I have never expected and just love it. Plus I truly love the area, and there is so much to do.

Being so close to the water I just love. I will be honest I was never a beach lover, but now I am SUCH a beach lover. I think the issue before was I was just never crazy about the beaches we went to but I love our local ones. I actually had never spent time on FL east coast until living here and turned out that I love this side. Also fun fact, you know all of those "Salt Life" stickers you see on the back of cars? Well those are actually from one of the surf shops/ restaurants thats located here and in most surf shops in FL but the main base is near me. Also basically where I live is between 2 big cities and one is actually the oldest city in the United States which is also really neat. Love exploring the downtown and learning about the area. I am not a history person, but I do like knowing our local history. :)

Well I have blabbed on enough about my love of home, the ocean and such so I'll stop now! Unless ya'll want more, because I can talk about this topic for a VERY long time! :) Hehe! Also since this is a nail post I should probably tell you what I used huh? So I started with Serendipity Nail Polish #Goaldigger as a white base. Then I used a fan brush and created a blue/white gradation with acrylic paint. I opted for acrylic this time for the water because usually I do a gradation but was short on time and knew that would take some clean up! Hehe! People wanted cookies, and I said I would make them so I had to split my time! Ha!!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas

Sorry for any crazy errors! I tell ya I just can't type today. Anyone else have those type of days. I find mac keyboards to be more my thing but today I was on a dell, and then mac and its just a mess! 😂


  1. I love this effect you created on your nails. I was waiting for some beach or ocean mani - based on your FB/snapchat feeds. :)

    1. Thank you! Yep it was bound to happen at some point!

  2. I instantly thought ocean when I saw this one!

  3. This is so pretty and peaceful. And just a side note: the link on the right to your Instagram is broken.

    1. Thank you! Ooo, thanks for letting me know! Forgot that I changed the name! :) Fixed!


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