JulieG Nail Polish | Spring Pack 1 + Swatch Video

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Hello there! So today I am really excited to start sharing some new to me polishes! The JulieG nail polish brand recently put out 3 different sets of Spring Polish packs. Each come with 3 shades and so I am sharing Pack 1 with you today! Lets get to the pictures!

Julie G Nail Polish Tropical

First up is Tropical! I was so excited to try this one! Its just the perfect color for summer! Its that perfect minty neon. The formula was really nice as you can see in todays Youtube Video. The first coat is a bit streaky, but the second one fixes it all. Then I put on a top coat and had this lovely mani!

Julie G Nail Polish Tropical

The color in real life is a bit more green toned I would say, but still gorgeous! Neons tend to freak out all cameras, but this one was actually captured more accurately than most!

Julie G Nail Polish Bikini

Next up is Bikini! Boy did this one freak out the camera! Ha!! This color is SO bright and gorgeous! I would consider it to be in the pink/coral/orange neon family. If you are or ever were a Flip Flop Fantasy Fan you will like this one!

Julie G Nail Polish Bikini

The formula on this one is very streaky. I takes 3 coats actually. The second coat is always so close to being full opacity but it got patchy both times I tried it so the 3rd coat was needed.

Julie G Nail Polish Bikini

Now for this type of color being 3 coats its really good. It dries fast, and with a price of $3.99 when if you were to go get Flip Flop Fantasy you would have a similar formula and that would be costing you $6+ so really this is a option. If you would like to see a side by side comparison let me know!

Julie G Nail Polish Dream in Pretty

Lastly today I have Dream in Pretty, which I would describe as a pink toned lavender. Its really a gorgeous shade perfect for spring! Plus its a great pop of color for those of you who aren't into neons but still want a bold shade to wear.

Julie G Nail Polish Dream in Pretty

The formula was great on this one and covered completely in two coats! Pictured it 2 coats + Top Coat.

Since it is Easter weekend I did manage to squeeze in one last Easter look! I wanted to do more, but got busy and never had the inspiration when I was free. So I am just happy I got this one in! I used Dream in Pretty as my base, and then added the art with acrylic paint.

I then topped it with a matte topper to give the art a more defined look. For some reason over the last year I have really become a fan of matte toppers on top of detailed art!

Next up we have a SWATCH VIDEO! So lets check out these polishes in action!

You can find this set HERE on sale for $10. It will be on sale until May 31st, and if you aren't into all of them you can also get them individually as well. These polishes all retail at $3.99. You can get them online and in your local Rite Aid.

Hope you all enjoyed this very lengthy info filled post! It was a very fun one to create. I will be back with the next installment very soon! These sets are so fun, and have a great color selection. Be sure to go subscribe to my Youtube Channel to make sure you see all of the videos as soon as they come out! I am trying to do more over there so let me know what you would like to see!

Happy Painting!



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