Mermaid Nail Art | Snail Vinyls + Serendipity Nail Polish

 Hello there! Ahh, don't you ever just want to be a mermaid? Beach life everyday, pretty skies, and so on! LOL! 😂 I wonder if A Mermaid could be sunburnt. Ekk, ha could you imagine not being able to get a sun burn!? That would be amazing. Wow, I am already so off topic. Anywhoo guys, today I have some mermaid nails for you. So even tho we can't be a mermaid we can live our mermaid dreams out via nails! Ha!

First off let me start by saying I am obsessed with these! The colors, the glitter, just everything. Ah, I really didn't want to take these off the other day! Hehe! So to start this off the scales and and mermaid detail were done with vinyls. These in particular are from Snail Vinyls.

All of the polishes are by Serendipity Nail Polish. The white is #GoalDigger, the silver holo is Holo-Day Lights layered on top of Midnight Kisses. The green shade is Mint Martini, then the middle shade of blue is Wake. Pray. Slay. and lastly the top blue is Vitamin Sea.

It was a quick mani honestly. It came together pretty quick and I just love the color combo. Plus it matched my water bottle that I use to daily! So it was kinda cool. I guess I have a thing for these colors! Well guys that is it! Hope you have enjoyed this post! Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas

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  1. Love these! The light colors are so fresh and fun! For the record, my husband never gets a sunburn and I am definitely jealous. 😉 Whenever I offer him sunscreen he gives me a look and rolls his eyes. Well, I, at least, was not blessed with enough melanin in my skin to get away with that! So it's sunscreen for me.

    1. If only that was my case! Ahh, to not be able to get burnt! Could you imagine!? Just tan.... :) That would be so nice! LOL! I'm basically either a ghost or tomato! Haha!

      Thanks too, I really love how these came out!!!

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