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Hello there! So Today is the first day of April! WOW! Really tho where is the year going? So to start off this month I want to get back into doing more written posts. January was pretty good for them, then February got busy and they kind of just got lost with everything else. Then March, oh March. They just got left out! It was a busy month and time got away from me! So since last year I tried to do a Monthly Faves this year, starting now, I want to try and do a wrap up post for each month. They aren't going to be elaborate but more of just a list of things I'm loving/liking for that month. Plus its going to give me a chance got just chat with you all! That being said lets get going! I'm really excited about this post!

1. Exploring! 
So this month we had our Spring Break and even tho it got really cold for it here in the Sunshine state we still went out and did some exploring! I did a total of 8.77 miles that day actually! It was fun seeing places we hadn't been and since it was cold we didn't have many scary encounters! Ha, only one snake! Pretty decent I suppose! It was a day filled with photos! The cover photo of this post I actually took on the hike! One hike led us to the Intracoastal Waterway, and that is what you can see there! 😁 For more pics like that you can check my IG Here.  I love taking pictures of the area and that is where I post those! ❤

2. Bean Toast! 
First let me start by saying I am not a bean person! Like I love refried beans in my Mexican Food. Love the pinto ones at Chipotle. (Man, now I want Chipotle😍) However black beans and baked beans are just eh... So I was a bit hesitant when it came to the thought of bean toast. That being said... I LOVE this one by How Sweets Eats AKA Jessica. You can check it out here. I love it room temperature but you can eat it either way! Also if you like food you should so take a look at her IG! SO MANY PRETTY FOOD PICS!

3. Swatch Videos! 
So I think basically everyone like nail polish swatch videos right? Anyway, I have always liked them, admired them, and wished I could do them! Then on Spring Break I was determined "I can do this!" So I did! I have actually done 2 since! If you haven't seen them you can check the out below! Would love your feedback on them! Shall I do more!?

4. My Planner! 
I know I talk about it often but I just love my planner! Seriously the Happy Planner is the best thing! I mean I have always had a planner while I have been running my blog and such. However there would always come a time when I would slack off. Various reasons but this Happy Planner is just so inviting. Like I actually get excited to open it. Weird? Maybe. Its just so helpful! Plus I love seeing others. Since I was afraid all of my nail Friend would be tired of seeing mine I may of made a planning IG. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

5. Music Videos that go together! 
Whhhaaattt! So I LOVE music, yet music videos usually are something I don't watch. Like I love hearing a song and having my own picture for it, so then seeing a video different than what I envisioned can mess the song up. I know that may be silly because you can say the video is what the artist intended. However I totally think songs can a million different meanings even beyond what the writer actually thought. Anywhoooo... This month my brother told me I should watch All Time Lows "Last Young Renegade" video. So I did. πŸ™‰ Loved the song! So I was like ok, I'll go watch the video that goes with the other single "Dirty Laundry". I then watched them in order with "Dirty Laundry" first and OH MY! SO COOL! The first video didn't make much sense to me, then I notice the song that was playing in the background at the beginning was Last Young Renegade, and then at the end they zoomed in on Alex's Jacket that said "Last Young Renegade" on the back. Which was all kind of like a big hint as to the next single. Granted its also the new CD title but still! That video in particular said VOL 1 which made me wonder if the video would continue. So then I moved on to the "Last Young Renegade" video and it says "VOL 2" so I paid extra attention for hints. Literally watched it a few times, and the story did kind of carry over. The first ended in his car and the second started in the car. I noticed the ringtone at the beginning tho, and the music on the TV at the end appeared to be the same. At first that was it. I didn't notice anything else, but then I remembered the Jacket in the first video had the next title on it so I went back and watched it again. I then noticed on one of the walls their was graffiti that read "Nice2KnoU" which I saw on the preorder track listing! LOLπŸ˜‚ So basically at the end of all of that I'm guessing that will be the next single! If not oh well! Ha, too much thought I know but it was a fun little puzzle to piece together! If that is in fact what they are doing with the videos tho that is really cool! Kinda like how in the lyric books of Taylor Swifts CD you could go through and pull out all of the capital letters and it would make a sentence! Videos --- Dirty Laundry | Last Young Renegade

6. Playlist! 
Well since 5 was all about music here is my playlist I have been obsessed with actually in just the past few weeks! Most of the songs have been on repeat for the past few weeks and some are super new. Like they came out yesterday new! Haha! Also there are some that are  old and taking me back to like 2012/2013 time! Check them all out here! {Best when played on shuffle}

7. DC Comic Shows! 
Ok so this is an on going thing! I watch Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Super Girl. However Super Girl has never been my fave but Monel is totally adding to the show! Loving it! Plus the crossover was quite interesting! Ha, it lead to me doing a Flash Nail Art Tutorial actually! Check them out below!

8. Twitter! 
These days I am loving Twitter more and more honestly! There were other social media outlets that I used to LOVE but these days I am just liking less and less about them! Who's with me! I'm sure you know what one I am talking about! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

9. Digital Dozen Week! 
I love being apart of the Digital Dozen we always have fun manis to do but I have to say this past month has been my favorite so far! It is rare that I like every mani through out a challenge week, but I liked them all! Here is a look at my fave!

10. SPRING! 
Ahhh, so happy spring is here! I am so ready for a wardrobe change! Who is with me? I'm wanting beach days, and just days in the sun in general! Ahh sounds fun to me! I may of had a few days of too much in the sun this month but ya know what, Ocean Potion, and lotion are my BFF! I basically need to start carrying Coppertone with me 24/7! Plus the weather channel needs to get its weather predicting into gear! Ekk! 

Well ya'll that is it! This post has actually be SO much fun to write! I hope someone likes it! What have you all been loving this month! Share below! Also I am totally wanting some new blogs to read, let me know what your faves are!

Happy April!

~25 Sweetpeas

Currently Listening to:
Song: Just the Way I'm Not
Artist:  All Time Low

*Disclaimer --- This post was 100% real LOL, no April Fools foolery going on here!


  1. Well done on starting your swatch videos!! That's amazing. And exploring is always super fun! Our spring holidays have just begun so I'll be doing that with my little guy. I love all time low and that song is fantastic!

    Jordanne ||


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