#NailChitChat | April Info

Hello, and welcome to April! Now I know today we are all super careful about anything we read or see... That being said this post is true! LOL! 😂 With it being the 1st and all it seemed like a good time to announce this months #nailchitchat info! 😀 So all of the details you can believe! LOL!

I am kicking off the #nailchitchat for this month on April 23rd! If you have never joined us its a twitter chat where we all can just chat about all thing nails! We can have different topics to chat about and we will even have guests from time to time. 😀 So below are all of the details about this months chit chat and how you can participate.

When : Sunday April 23rd 

Time : 9pm EST   8pm C   6pm PST

Where : Twitter

How to Join: 
Find me on twitter ( @25Sweetpeas ) and start tweeting along using #nailchitchat

Topic : Nail Polish/Nail World/ Blogging in the Nail World

 For the past few months we have had some really fabulous guests but I am thinking right now in the nail world we need a good chat about just anything and everything. That being said this month is just going to be free to chat about what ever! So bring your questions, comments, and thoughts about anything in the polish/ nail blogging world and chat with us! I already am making a mental list of things! Ha!! 😊

See you April 23rd!

~25 Sweetpeas


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