Summer Ready | Pineapple Nails

Hey there! So today I thought it would be fun to just have a fun bright mani! I'm in a summer state of mind when it comes to colors, outfits, decor and nails so why not right? Plus you all know my pineapple obsession! Hehe!

Pineapple Nail Art

So I was going through my bright colored polishes, for something ya'll will see soon, and came across Flip Flop and decided I need to put art with it. That is the bright one on my pinkie and index finger BTW! In the same box was the fun polish on my ring finger which is called Calabunga. Both of those polishes are by Urban Outfitters! I feel like not enough people talk about Urban Outfitters polishes. They are really good! Plus I mean $5 of 3 for $10 is really good!

The white polish is #Goaldigger by Serendipity Nail Polish because its my fave white! The pineapple was free handed with acrylic paint. I tried to have not perfect line to give it a sketchy look. Sketchy as in the quick doodle sense not questionable! 😏 Haha!! Also I know you are probably thinking why another pineapple. Well I don't have an answer for that question! 😂 I just like them, and Target has so many cute pineapple things right now! 😍

I'm thinking about doing some more "Summer Ready" nails. What do you think? I really want to do some flamingo nails! Anywhoo, later this week I will have some new fun things to share with you! Everything from videos to swatches, to art! Ahh, I'm getting excited! How many of you actually like and use Instagram Stories? Would you guys like me to do more over there!? I did use Snapchat for those type of things but I kind of forget about using either when painting.

Oh and Facebook VS Twitter VS Instagram. Which do you all prefer? I think one of those I do in fact like more than the other two. That being said I would like to know your take! :) Well thats it for today! Hope you have enjoyed this post. I will see you all tomorrow!

Happy Painting!

~ 25 Sweetpeas


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