April Things | 2017

Happy May! Its already May guys!!! Gosh, that seemed really quick. Anywhoo so I think its time to go over some of my favorite things from this month. I can already tell you its going to consist of music! This month was a pretty good music month, plus just busy in general so it shall make for an interesting post! Haha!

First up this month I finally decided I need to take care of both of my hands. LOL! 😂 Not saying I never did before but.. I had a tendency to only take care of the hand ya'll see daily. My "cindy" hand would just get the full treatment on Sundays! Ekk, I know, but I have changed that! This month I have been using Lush Cuticle Butter and Pretty Beautiful Cuticle Oil daily. Most recently I have loved the sent Starry Night!

Target.... Ahh, is there ever a time where I don't love Target! The clothes, the decor, the beauty section, the dollar bins, oh and don't get me started on the Stationary. I am eyeing 3 or so different notebooks right now! I don't NEED them, but totally want them! Needless to say I need an inspiring Beach trip to get back into my book and just write like crazy! Then I will have a reason for the new notebooks right?! Also LOVE the fact they have sticker books in the dollar bins that give me a great amount + great price for my planner! (pictured above)

Ok music this month has been great! April 21st stood out for me in the music world, oh and this past Friday! Last month I shared a playlist here, and I have been adding to it. The new COIN CD HWYKIYNT (How will you know if you never Try) came out on the 21st and did not disappoint. There are so many songs that I love! Seriously its rare to like ALL of the songs on an album and I love all of them. Next up would be that new Charlie Puth, Attention, single. Oh my, I mean really I think Charlie can sing anything and I would like it! 🙈 So good! Plus how cool was that clip of the voice note at the end of the video! Lastly before I get carried away.... The new Vamps song, Middle of the Night is so good. Wasn't sure I was liking all of the music featuring DJ's and such but it doesn't seem to matter. Brad can sing anything as well! Haha! If you want to check out the playlist I have on repeat you can here.

Blue polish! I don't know why, but lately I have been so into bold blue polishes! Specifically Cabana boy that was in my video HERE, and in a post HERE. I am currently even wearing it on my toes! So bright and fun! (pictured above)

Its the 5th month and I am still using my planner! Last year by this time I had gotten SO behind and just slacked off so I am pretty impressed with myself! Haha!

So this month I finally came up with the perfect cookie combo. Last summer I found a cookie recipe and liked it but then kinda got burn't out on it and no longer liked them. This month however I took the same recipe basis and completely changed it! Now I love them so much! So good, and yummy. You all may of seen this pic on IG of my "Easter" version of them! Ahhh, if you guys would like the recipe I could possibly arrange that! 😉😏

As usual pineapple nails were a thing this month for me! I think THIS mani specifically is my new fave, what do you think?!

#Nailchitchat was great this month! We just chatted about new polish lines, old polish lines, and what we would like to see from some brands. Serendipity Nail Polish even dropped in and gave us the first look at the new polish line that releases in a few weeks! How exciting!!! Check out the sneak peek here. So excited for these!! ( New Nail Chit Chat info for this month will be out shortly!)

YOUTUBE! Guys I have been having SOO much fun doing more Youtube and watch more Youtube. I think my May goal is going to be just keep the Youtube momentum going. In the past I have often become discouraged after a video doesn't do as well as I hoped. Then I remembered, none of them will even get better, do better or anything if I slack and don't work on any. That being said here is to a fresh month of new videos! I have one in the works already for this week! If you would like you can subscribe to my channel here.

Well guys, I think that better be it! Hope you have liked this post! I honestly love writing these posts! The randomness, and just mix of things makes me so happy.

Happy May!

~25 Sweetpeas


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